Friend Sharing / Gameloft Live IDs vol 3

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(message deleted)

User Info: blackjack287

4 years ago#52
My Gameloft username is blackjack287. Add me, please! Been stuck in the game for days, trying to save up hearts for Twilight's Dad.

User Info: Hidinger

4 years ago#53
I am trying to get some friends for my daughter so that she can purchase some of the ponies using hearts. I will be sure to sign in and gift all of her friends as often as possible. Please send invites to

3DS -- 4296 2985 4623
PSN -- Hidinger

User Info: deeya8604

3 years ago#54
My ID is deeya8604. I give hearts daily!

User Info: jack_e_mac

3 years ago#55
GL ID myponyparty
Newbie pony, but doing my best :-)

User Info: thelight288

3 years ago#56
plz add me
my ID is thelight288, PM me if u add me
3DS FC: 4511-0721-1048
IGN: Luuk

User Info: captn2000

3 years ago#57

Hope it'll work, my stupid GL account really seems to be acting up.

User Info: Ignigeno

3 years ago#58
Gameloft ID is Ignigeno.
I play daily and give hearts and chests.

User Info: thekingisgone

3 years ago#59
My id is thekingisgone451. I play as often as I can, which is usually everyday.

User Info: ReedTiger

3 years ago#60

Add me! I play just about everyday! You dance with me, I'll dance with you.
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