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User Info: kooch664

4 years ago#1
Piked up the game the other day and barely have had time to play. I did a career and in the first practice I did it asked me to pick pins (boosts) to use. My question is, are these in abundance or are they hard to get/require using real money? Like I did't bother because it was a a practice. Should I pick some for every tourney/round or only some? I'm sure it's a simple thing that I'd figure out but like I said I don't have a lot of time to figure out the things I don't get I just want to play a round and be done with it.

User Info: kickingguru22

4 years ago#2
Pins are much more difficult to get and maintain so far this year. The economy of them is simply too high... Until specials come out in the pins store, I find no advantage to using them what so ever. The difference they make this year are minimal.... Last year, 3 pins were most important and you could easily maintain their refills. (Wind Reduction, Shot Preview, Good lies).... This year, the pins are less effective and much more difficult to get (14,000 coins needed to have a chance at a good one... and it is only a chance).... Steer clear of pin boosts until something changes in the store... The ones you want are the course pins as they increase your status points and xp. Spend 4000 occasionally on the cheapest pin pack and sell back any pin that is not a course pin. That is at least what I am doing.


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User Info: kooch664

4 years ago#3
Thanks for the lengthy response, though maybe now I'm more confused than before!

I haven't played the game in years and the way I remember it as you play you can upgrade equipment and the players stats.

So how exactly does it work nowadays? What do I get for just playing? Coins? XP? Do I use coins to buy everything?

User Info: alaindc

4 years ago#4
When playing, you gain XP and coins. (the better you play, the more you earn)

You can use coins to buy pin packs in store (or to level up your golfer if you have a lot of it).

When you gain enough XP, your golfer level up.
When that happen, you gain a few ability points to upgrade your stats, and some new equipment.
Checking your golfer setting, you can increase his skills, equip new equipment.

When you level up, after a round, you see it on the result screen.
After that, pressing Lb a few time , you often see a level up screen on the left (saying press X),
or a new equipment available screen (saying press X).
if it's not there, simply go to my golfer, and upgrade his skills.

User Info: Linkpast952

4 years ago#5
You earn coins and XP for playing tournaments. You can use the coins in the Pro Shop to buy pins and/or boost your levels...BUT BE WARNED using coins to boost your levels WILL forfeit Achivements at LV 5, 25, and 50...I've found out the hard way you must earn XP to win the achivements not buy your levels!! Hope that helps!!

User Info: kooch664

4 years ago#6
Thanks for the responses...and the bit about the achievements.

As a summary question...Is it sufficient in career mode to just play and lvl up as you go are is it "necessary" to spend real money to make the guy better? I'm not talking about vs humans on xbl, just vs the cup on higher difficulties. I don't want to be all 99s, just a realistic experiences.

User Info: alaindc

4 years ago#7
play and level up as you go is enough.
The lower levels need much less experience, so you will gain level often.

The more important stats, for me, are...power, putting, accuracy.
keep them as high as you can.
spin if you use it (not me)
workability (draw fade)
recovery (bad lies)

You can adjust, in your career setting, the Ai difficulty, after each tournament.
So, you can adjust the Ai score the way you want, to have the challenge (or lack of) you want, whenever you want.
no need to pay money to level up.

User Info: kooch664

4 years ago#8
thanks guys

User Info: Vesperas

4 years ago#9
Do you still need to be online for them to count?
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User Info: electrofrost505

4 years ago#10
I used coins to level up a couple of times and I still got the level achievements.

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