1972 Nicklaus Legends of the Majors

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User Info: jjdynomite78

4 years ago#1
So you have two attempts at this. Got it in the circle where it backs you out to the main menu. Every time you retry, the wind changes?!?!?! How can you ever gauge this? Any advice???

User Info: Crxlarth

4 years ago#2
In all of the limited attempt challenges take all of you attempts. Adjust each as seems appropriate. Keep track of how many shots you've made. If you have two attempts, as soon as you make your second try, and it is apparent it is t going into the cup, pause and retry.

Your first attempt is to get a baseline established. From there, small adjustments are needed to hone it. They also require a bit of luck.

If you haven't, when attempting the challenges, revert to amateur settings. The challenges don't offer enough status points or coins to be worth the time to complete on higher difficulties.
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