New Ridge Racer for PS4

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User Info: cedricthegreat

4 years ago#1
Namco/Bandai has had a new Ridge Racer game at every new hand held and console launch. PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3, and Vita have all had a Ridge Racer game during it launch window
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User Info: wolf_blitzer85

4 years ago#2
Gee Tea Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiixx!
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User Info: TangoBunny

4 years ago#3
It's a shame that all the Ridge Racer titles post R4 on PS1 have been... not good.

Ridge Racer Type 4 was absolutely incredible, with 300 cars, amazing style, the best music among the Ridge Racer games, and visual novel elements.

Since then, it just feels like they churn out a half-hearted title at launches. Just dump out some re-used courses, remove all the amazing colourful beach/mountains/resort scenery from the original games and replace them all with 'city' environmens, make all the cars as slidey as possible, and.... that's about it.

I'd love a new Ridge Racer with actual effort put into it, but I doubt that'll happen any time soon. The franchise exists solely as a 'launch title tech demo' now.
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User Info: Board_hunter567

4 years ago#4
Kaz will see to it.

User Info: Foxx3k

4 years ago#5
Wasn't Ridge Racer Vita a laughing stock of microtransactions?

Oh right, it's Namco, so probably.
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User Info: kanart

4 years ago#6
Cellius worked on RR Vita
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