Why should I buy a PS4?

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User Info: TheOriginalMax

4 years ago#11
jimistixx posted...
If nothing excites you about the next gen, then its simple: Don't make the jump.

Nobody's forcing you to buy the newest thing. By the time support drops off for this gen, I'm sure there will be loads of information to help inform your decision.

Making a choice now would be foolish.

Thank you for the advise. I was indirectly trying to ask people if they knew something about this I didn't. I will wait for a long time before I purchase any new consoles. YLOD was a very nasty surprise this gen; as were copy protected save files. These two combined was an absolute nightmare :D

monkeyluv101 posted...
The smartest thing would be to wait and see what the ps4 brings as was said. I do have to say a lot of developers have dropped the ball this gen with lackluster sequels and lack of originality. I do have faith in some new quality IPs though. I'm hoping for a better turn around this coming gen, innovation and originality. If DRM worries you then investing in a PC isn't gonna bring any less worries as it's quite rampant on PC. I'd take a look at what PC exclusives interest you currently and go from there.

I agree, the sequels have been fairly lackluster. It would indeed be nice if they made a turn around, but I truly doubt it; which is unfortunate, since I noticed I have lost my trust. I had no idea DRM was rampant on PC, I will indeed have a look at the exclusives. Thank you :)

therapgamedude posted...
Always wait a while when new electronics comes out, there are always some flaws.

Ah, very good advise here. I clearly shouldn't even be thinking about the PS4 now. Thanks.
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User Info: blundermine

4 years ago#12
Ghost-inZeShell posted...
jimistixx posted...
darkphoenix181 posted...
only 1 reason, new games you want

This is probably the MOST important.

Knack is worth it. I hear it's the new MGS4.

Ya know, I still haven't opened that game since I got 3 years ago. I really should...
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