Anyone thinking about using their current gen a few more extra years?

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User Info: BansheeNTDmode

4 years ago#1
Could wait for price drop of the next gen even wait for redesigns.
That xbox one is just ugly. And ps4 is said to be a black box, i want a FF limited edition ps4.

User Info: monegames

4 years ago#2
well i am waiting to see how sony handles the used game issue. If they pull anything similar to MS. I will just jump to PC and Ive been a console gamer since atari. I just don't see a reason to go console if its just as restricted as PC.

User Info: Jack_Ryder_2013

4 years ago#3
I will just have ps3 and ps4 I won't miss out on anything Xbox one too, variety is the spice of life

User Info: elken

4 years ago#4
I'm not planning to buy a PS4 for at least 4-5 years and Xbox one its not even in my list. I will be playing PS3, 3DS and WiiU for at least another 7-8 years.

Besides I always have my PS1/2 and NGC.
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User Info: Pete41608

4 years ago#5
I'm Wii U & 3DS only for at least 3 years, but will also continue to enjoy my PS3.
Wii U/PSN: Pete41608
3DS: 1203-9244-2418

User Info: ThisIsMithos

4 years ago#6
We'll see. I didn't enjoy last gen's games all that much, so we'll see how everything is now. I liked the older games. Nothing super retro like SNES or Atari, just more in the N64/PSX to GCN/PS2 era.

It's weird because I had some fun on all three past systems, but really became obsessed with CoD and trying other shooters like Halo and BF3, but looking back I was much more addicted than enjoying it. I liked how things were back with Melee, Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Kart DS, Pokemon, Star Fox 64, Crash Bandicoot (the originals), etc.

I REALLY miss that era, a lot. To me, that was the peak of gaming. Now everything is focused on online, crazy graphics, etc. and to ME the games don't feel as fresh or genuine.

Could just be that I've played too much, dunno. Either way we'll see. I don't see myself buying a system for online though. I currently have a 360 and I don't even really care about CoD anymore unless it's zombies with friends.

So yeah if I do, it might be somethin' like PS4 or whatever has good SP games and doesn't focus on FPS's or online play.

User Info: Ajescent

4 years ago#7
Waiting, might not even join the next gen
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User Info: will57

4 years ago#8
Regardless of whether or not I buy a PS4 around launch I know i'll still be playing the PS3 since there are already plenty of titles I have my eye one and are most likely going to release next year.
Currently waiting the release of The Guided Fate Paradox (Fall), Disgaea D2 (Fall), Dragon's Crown (August) and Time and Eternity (Summer)

User Info: FayeLady

4 years ago#9
With no BC, Im not sure most of us have a choice.
I guess someone could, if they don't play much.
If I support the game company, then I won't be supporting the blank DVD business.

User Info: mgs_4life5150

4 years ago#10
buying PS4 day 1 for watch dogs

keeping 360 till it runs out of games

only play 3 games on my wii no use getting the wiiu yet
NOT REMOVING UNTIL MGS staring the boss is released
MG Meryl would be cool too as long as there is NO akiba
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