Poll: X1 Wins in Specs for "Casuals / Non Techies"

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User Info: MashYouGood

4 years ago#31
Games win console wars, not specs. That's how Sony dropped the ball this gen.

User Info: jnv11

4 years ago#32
There are many intangibles and tangibles that non-techies use.

One is brand loyalty. Fanboys will fall victim to this and buy something with a different brand only if their preferred brand fails.

Another is brand aversion. Some people avoid a brand for various reasons. I am a good example of that. Samsung is on my blacklist due to it regularly bribing the South Korean government to get its way, causing misery for many South Koreans. It will get off the blacklist once the executives responsible like Lee Kun-hee are removed. Nvidia is on my blacklist for treating its customers horribly by selling improperly designed GPUs to computer OEMs and telling them that they put out less heat than they really do, causing them to design undersized heat sink/fan combo units and to buy their solutions instead of somebody else's graphics due to the fraudulent specifications, and failing to perform a recall when caught. Fragile GPU soldered on the motherboard + undersized heat sink/fan combo = Motherboard of my laptop fails shortly after my warranty expires. I had to shell out a few thousand dollars for a new motherboard because I had no way to transfer my data and no backups. Western Digital is on my blacklist due to selling me a hard drive that failed quickly (a few months after I bought it, ruining my Christmas Eve one year because it failed on that day) and due to its generally poor hard drive failure rate that I discovered online after my drive failed. It handled the RMA quickly, but what good is a hard drive if I have to live in fear that it will fail at any time? Zero.

One set of tangibles is features and policies. Apple's signed binaries only policy has been good at keeping malware out of iOS. However, some people don't like how Apple polices app content for things other than malware. For example, Apple will not approve porn apps, while Google will unless the app has malware. Many deeply religious people will be drawn towards Apple, while Android will enjoy support from civil libertarians and perverts. Android's bloated Dalvik architecture causes lagginess that many people complain about without knowing why it is so laggy, while iOS runs code native to the CPU, causing no lagginess. Many Android devices have user replaceable batteries, which iOS devices lack. Some people will like the Kinect the Xbox One has, while soldiers whose militaries do not allow cameras due to the security concerns and those scared of the NSA will buy the PlayStation 4.

User Info: Enclave

4 years ago#33
j2zon2591 posted...
Enclave posted...
j2zon2591 posted...
Good points.

But isn't the iPad more popular than your cheaper Nexus?

Microsoft isn't Apple. They don't have the luxury of having a reputation of having a luxury product worth paying the Apple tax for (even if it's purely an illusion like Apples rep is) . They wish they had that rep but they just don't.

Even on the console side for the US market? I feel like the PS3 and 360 are close enough for the battle of Apple and plethora of Androids.

But great point. I guess it's not the best idea to bring the iPad (4/Mini) against the Nexus (10/7/New 7).

The 360 was CHEAPER so this isn't really a "history" thing as the X1 is now more expensive.

Even on the console side they don't, if they did the 360 would have had Wii like sales numbers.
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User Info: Viryu

4 years ago#34
I'm just laughing at the fanboyism of One fans. "Specs don't matter" as long as One has them lower. But as soon as something is better, it's suddenly "it's all about specs, everyone wants those." Sigh.

User Info: Ryan-06

4 years ago#35
j2zon2591 posted...
X1 = 192 GB/s, 853 Mhz

provide source next time when making these. link pls.

otherwise, stupid topic.
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User Info: Draconas_Lyrr

4 years ago#36
Pensato posted...
AnatomyHorror posted...
Casuals and the like would go for the cheaper console I'd imagine. May even go for the Wii U.

Except they've already shown they won't.

Working in an electronics department, I can tell you that a good number of casuals/parents buying consoles that I come across still think the Wii U is an add-on to the Wii, and they don't want to pay $250 for an add-on, even after I explain to them that it's an entirely new console. I don't know how many people worldwide think this, but I imagine it's probably still pretty high.

They expect the PS4 to be the next console in the PS line, because Sony has always stuck to the same scheme with naming.
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User Info: BjornAgainst

4 years ago#37
Chosen_one_41 posted...
lol specs

Specs comparisons are useless when it comes down to actual games. Specs have never mattered and will never matter for consoles.

Any game developer would be laughing at you when you say specs don't matter only actual games matter because the fact is that the actual games won't even run if the hardware does not have the specs to allow them to run.

That being said developers would also probably laugh at anyone who mentioned only the two specs mentioned in the original post and ignored all the other specs because the two specs mentioned in the original post are not the most important specs to look at.

User Info: Syfer002

4 years ago#38
Also gamers don't care about specs, JUST GAMES!
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