Next Gen Games Are Sucking

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User Info: Yomonachi4

4 years ago#21
NathanDrakeSwag posted...
13-3 is on current gen and XV is on next gen. Resident Evil 7 will happen at some point. Does anybody really care about the rest?

Um yeah. Mainly SC6. 5 was so damn amazing, I just need more but in gooder graphics.

User Info: tinfoil21

4 years ago#22
Yomonachi4 posted...
Next Gen Games Are Sucking

lol, yup. ALL eight of them! /sarcasm

Can you even let the console LAUNCH before trashing on its games?
Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that, who cares? You're a mile away and have his shoes.

User Info: DaltonM

4 years ago#23
Soul Caliber 2 HD already wins

User Info: Yomonachi4

4 years ago#24
DaltonM posted...
Soul Caliber 2 HD already wins

1 was honestly better

User Info: Nega3

4 years ago#25
Soul Calibur 6 is the only one I want in that list.

Like TC, I enjoyed SC5 a hell of a lot.
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User Info: MashYouGood

4 years ago#26
The Soul Calibur series should put out to pasture and the game engine refined and used for a Star Wars fighting / duelling game.

SC has been getting consistently worse since SII, with SCV being an insult to fans of fighting games.

User Info: Hansukei

4 years ago#27
Really? Final Fantasy 13-3? HELL NO! Final Fantasy 13 needs to die and Square needs to get back to its old roots. :/

User Info: PsyGunWulf

4 years ago#28
How have you guys not caught to him trolling? Look at his list and his responses. Either he is a troll or has the worst taste in games I have ever seen.

User Info: NSGraphite

4 years ago#29
There is something wrong with the topic creators brain. i recommend electroshock therapy.
I don't always Troll on the internet. But when I do, I make it the Xbox-One forums...

User Info: knightimex

4 years ago#30
You have 8-10 years of console life left.

Hold your horses.
Next gen (Wii U, XB1, PS4) FTW!!!!
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