PS4 games won't work on 4K TV. Only photos and videos. WTF!

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User Info: Bancario51

4 years ago#1

This is an outrage. $25,000 Sony 4K TV for nothing.
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User Info: Perfect Light

Perfect Light
4 years ago#2
You paid $25,000 for a TV? - New gaming series
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User Info: Raptor715

4 years ago#3
Perfect Light posted...
You paid $25,000 for a TV?
You really think he paid 25k for a TV? lol
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User Info: BeefEaster

4 years ago#4
it'll work just fine

games will just be upscaled
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User Info: HomstarRunner

4 years ago#5
Neither console is powerful enough to run games in 4k. There's no "hardware restriction" on either console that prevents them from playing 4K games. That's completely ludicrous and the author of that article has no idea what they're talking about. If someone actually made a 4K game that could run properly on the PS4, Sony wouldn't stop them from releasing it. The problem is that running even the simplest games at that resolution is too demanding for current technology.
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User Info: faris_ruhi

4 years ago#6
The PS4 is actually more capable of gaming in 4k due to being more powerful and having double the ROPs compared to the Xbox One, and even then Sony said (paraphrased) "we're trying to be realistic here, hence there will be no 4k games"

So, even knowing they have the more powerful and capable console, sony is saying 4k gaming is not realistic on the hardware, what does that tell you about MS then? Just pure PR BS, that's what.

And yeah, the current HDMI standard (that is in both ps4 and xbox one), that only support 4k @ 24, 30 fps.

So yeah, regardless, 60fps games will not be upscalable to 4k (at least the launch consoles, there may be revisions with hdmi 2.0 ports, who knows)

My guess is, by the time 4k becomes standard, it'll be time for the ps5.
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User Info: Safetytrousers

4 years ago#7
By the time a significant number of people have a 4k TV it might be 8 years on and we'll be going into the next generation of gaming.
If you have a 4k TV now and you bemoan there is not enough 4K content for it, then it is your own foolish fault for buying one.
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User Info: Lollybomb

4 years ago#9
The current HDMI standard can't even do 4k above 30fps.
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User Info: dingo_of_jawaii

4 years ago#10

Nothing to see here.
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