Anyone still gonna buy Bioware games after the worst ending of all time w/ ME3?

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  3. Anyone still gonna buy Bioware games after the worst ending of all time w/ ME3?

User Info: BigB0ss13

4 years ago#1
After experiencing that weird, strange and truly disgusting and horrible ending to Mass Effect 3 as a true, loyal and dedicated fan of the Mass Effect series, I promised myself never to buy a piece of s*** Bioware game again. The ending was that bad to all the true Mass Effect fans. Seriously, after playing Mass Effect 3 and experiencing that ending my desire to play games became non existent. I was wondering why the hell aren't games fun any more and why I don't play 10+ hours per day any more and I finally figured out why. Mass Effect 3's ending sucked my gaming passion away. Before the ending I was a hardcore gamer playing 10+ hrs of games per day.

What made the ending bad was how weird and unrealistic it was. Now I know you're gonna say games aren't realistic anyways but for a fantasy world, Mass Effect didn't have no bull s*** Superman flying powers or anything like that. Basically it was like Batman. All natural baby. And what happened in the series before the ending could be believable if we were 150+ years into the future. Now if the series started out like what happened in the ending, being all weird and unrealistic it would be fine as long as the entire series is like that. The ME series was a certain way or whatever you call it then BAM, us loyal/true fans got hit with smelly s*** in our face just like that without warning and we didn't expect it.

Now people are gonna say "OM GoDz THERE WERE NO HAPPY ENDING THATZ Y U MAD!" It didn't matter if we got a good or bad ending. Actually I'd preferred if ME3 had a bad/sad ending instead of a happy ending because it would be more realistic knowing that the Reapers were so f***ing super powerful and if there were hundreds of them, there'd be no way to destroy them all. It took a s***load of effort just to destroy one reaper, Sovereign and everyone suffered a lot of losses fighting one reaper That's what made the ME3 ending so bad and that's why I'll never buy a crappy Bioware game again. I don't even have the desire to check up on the news of their future games.

User Info: VipersMemory

4 years ago#2
The last of us ending wasn't that great either. But anything naughty dog will bring out next gen is automatically on my radar. Just because a game has a few plot holes, or sub par ending. Doesn't make it a bad game, or discredits a AAA developer.
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User Info: NathanDrakeSwag

4 years ago#3
Yes. Bioware still makes good games. I can forgive a bad ending.

User Info: BrokenIcarus

4 years ago#4
ME3 ending was kind of disappointing but I loved the rest of. Reeaaaaaaaaaaallly looking forward to a new Mass Effect. Hopefully they'll make it, so that you can choose your Species and your origin aswell. So many possibilities! :'D

User Info: HughJorgenn

4 years ago#5
Ending did not bother me so I will continue to buy Bioware games. I was more disappointed in DA2 than I was in the ME3 ending.

User Info: Moegitto

4 years ago#6
Every reviewer that has seen the dragon age: inquisition gameplay is raving about it. Definitely getting it since they pretty much through out all gameplay from DA2. My only fear is that forced online mode bundled in...
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User Info: Porunga

4 years ago#8
I love bioware games, and ME3 didn't have the worst ending of all time. It didn't even have the worst ending that year.... or at all.

User Info: Kenaue

4 years ago#9
lol @ worst ending of all time. It was a decent ending that was terribly written.
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User Info: embrandedone

4 years ago#10
You men BioEA?

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  3. Anyone still gonna buy Bioware games after the worst ending of all time w/ ME3?

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