When will we be able to buy a Ps4 in stores?

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User Info: SophaerLam

4 years ago#1
I pre ordered it a week ago at Gamestop (Ebgames) but it is possible that I will get it a week or a month after launch they say... when will everyone that didn't pre ordered a Ps4 will be able to buy one.

User Info: HypnoCoosh

4 years ago#2
November 15th
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User Info: Bigdaddy422

4 years ago#3
People who think theyll be able to get one at launch are going to be disappointed. I have been through so many launches where systems are hard to come by until after christmas. With the insane amount of preorders Sony allowed, im willing to bet they wont ship your preorder until sometime into december or later.

I was number 25 or so for an xbox 360 and Microsoft took to many preorders. Didnt get mine until right before christmas.

People will argue and say times are different but they forget that with each system launch more and more buyers are brought into the fold. There will be production problems in both companies, mark my words.

User Info: Spillard

4 years ago#4
I'll be able to get it day without a pre-order. For sure.
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User Info: Bigdaddy422

4 years ago#5
Good luck to you. Have fun camping out a whole day and half hoping that the shipment has more than 5-10 systems. If you ignore the past you repeat the same mistakes over and over.

There were robberies, murders, and crazy crowds at the last system launch. Wii was sold out until febuary. 360 was sold out til then too.

Gamecube Ps2 N64 and DreamCast was sold out for a while too.

User Info: JayGood259Oz

4 years ago#6
If you check stores like sears and Kmart you might be able to get one, but it won't be easy. I think with the high amount of pre orders demand for day 1 consoles not pre ordered is slightly decreased. And lets be realistic, parents don't run out and spend 400 dollars on consoles for kids.

You will definitely be doing some camping, or if you don't do that just call around to try and get the jump on a new shipment. Either way its going to be difficult, I'd say maybe 1 out of every 6 or 7 people will get one without pre ordering.

Also you can guarantee they will be on eBay, the demand will be lower so it should drive the price down so you only get ripped off 100 plus shipping

User Info: redhawt

4 years ago#7
Some of the posters here don't have a clue,you will be hard pressed to find one in launch true,but even thinking you will get one before 2014 you shouldn't hold much hope tbh,

some stores have over 200 preorders and I know first to know lists and waiting lists as of last week were at either just over 2 million or just under it as a whole,

Take all that into account and go by what people believe they are going to be turning out 1 million units a month so jan-feb will be when they can catch up to everyone who wants one and probably 4 to 5 shipments after that until you are able to find a ps4 easier

So probably around April ish if you didn't preorder or are not on a waiting list,then again you could get lucky I guess
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User Info: SAspring

4 years ago#8
There are 3 big retailers (futureshop, best buy, eb games) in my city (Ottawa) that are still taking pre orders and guaranteeing day one availablilty. So I'm finding it hard to see how they will be that hard to find at least just where I am.

I'm sure in the US and other cities it is a different story but when every place here is still saying available day 1, I don't see people waiting over a month for one.
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