Name one exclusive game that would make you get a PS4...

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User Info: TakeItInTheFace

4 years ago#1


Mine is Phantasy Star Online 2. How about you guys?
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User Info: WM_PMC

4 years ago#2
Even though I'm already getting one, a new ND game.
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User Info: skermac

4 years ago#3
Remake of Shadow Hearts Covenant

But I'm getting a PS4 anyway.
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User Info: supreme dar

supreme dar
4 years ago#4
Yakuza! Released in the west...
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User Info: tutububu

4 years ago#5
Already pre-ordered a PS4. But I would buy another one just to show support if they come out with a new Hot Shots Golf with a course creator feature. Golf on crazy user-created courses, oh yeah!

User Info: imamelia

4 years ago#6
A new Crash Bandicoot game, provided it used the gameplay style of the first four (in particular, Crash Bandicoot 2). Such a game seems most suitable for the PS4, but it would also make sense on the PS3, Wii U, or even Vita.

User Info: Kyoshin05

4 years ago#7
I would have to say Persona 5, though i already have my ps4 preordered

User Info: demonikwind

4 years ago#8
a realistic pokemon games the fighting and strategy of pokemon with the graphics and open worldness of skyrim
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User Info: Erevile

4 years ago#9
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User Info: xninjagrrl

4 years ago#10
remake Rogue Trip
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