Are there any PS4s in stock left anywhere?

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User Info: Dumple850

3 years ago#1
When the PS4 first got announced, I knew I wanted one but didn't plan on getting one at launch, but as the date inches closer, I realized that I gotta get my hands on one at launch.

Anybody know where they are still in stock (US)? I've already got my name down at my local Gamestop to get a call if they get more available.
PSN: Dumple850

User Info: NeoMonk

3 years ago#2
People here are convinced that they will make millions of dollars selling theirs on craigslist...
So if all else fails... you can rob one of these fools ;)
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User Info: RyuuHou25

3 years ago#3
Target, best buy, wal mart, future shop, toys r us, on and on and on >.>
PSN ID: RyuuHou24
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User Info: ImThe8thWonder

3 years ago#4
You can probably find some in Toys R Us. They usually have stock since most don't go to them as their first preorder choice.
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User Info: Lord Hamm

Lord Hamm
3 years ago#5
Im pretty sure Jack Tretton guaranteed you can walk in day one and grab one off the shelves because they a holding back stock just for that purpose
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  3. Are there any PS4s in stock left anywhere?

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