Will it be possible to buy a PS4 on launch without a pre-order?

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  3. Will it be possible to buy a PS4 on launch without a pre-order?

User Info: ZeroGravity400

3 years ago#1
So realistically speaking..

Will it be possible for any of us who didn't pre-order to still get a PS4 on launch day?

(I did pre-order but I had to cancel due to certain circumstances)

User Info: True_FoeHammer

3 years ago#2
Of course. Who cares if preorders have been sold out for months?

User Info: ArkonBlade

3 years ago#3
Yeah but you most likely will be standing in line at a store and hoping you get there early enough to get it. I remember people camping 2 days outside all are stored for the ps3 , 360 , and the wii. Which is insane because they all released in November and I live in Wisconsin and its cold as hell around that time. Wouldn't get me to do it.
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User Info: prozac786

3 years ago#4
If you're within the UK then yes definitely, there will be a small number of specialist retailers who will have stock even on launch day, where you can just order on the day or walk in and pick one up.

If you're in the US then I have no clue, but I would assume some specialist retailers would do the same there, in some states at least.

All the big named ones however, will be sold out.
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User Info: tacomanii

3 years ago#5
Yes, they plan to have them on the shelves... I am sure it will be crazy, I would go to places people wouldn't think about such as sears

I bought 360, ps3 and wii on launch at sears.........

I worked there at the time and bought them before the store opened though... with a 10% discount :)
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User Info: kyncani

3 years ago#6
Probably not, no, not unless you want to go to unreasonable lengths (in my opinion) or rely on luck to get one.

They should be available off the shelves in january, maybe some part of december.
Just stay cool and buy it when you see it I say ;)

Yes, I have pre ordered :p

User Info: VT-14

3 years ago#7
Sony is holding back stock (from pre-orders) to try and keep store shelves full. You will probably have to be early in line at a midnight release, but you should be able to do it.
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User Info: billcable

3 years ago#8
Absolutely. On eBay.
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