How big is your current TV?

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User Info: Ryan-06

3 years ago#121
100 feet. -wisdom
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User Info: Thermador446

3 years ago#122
StrongBlackVine posted...
GamingNerd2013 posted...
And do you plan on getting a bigger one for the PS4?

Mine is like old-school small. Maybe around 20-24". I need to get a bigger one. Any recommendations? Is a 40" TV good enough?

Also yeah 40 is plenty big enough as long you are not sitting more than 5 to 6 feet away.

I play on a 42" sitting about 5-6 ft away; It's perfect.
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User Info: Sami1000

3 years ago#123
People here have gigantic tv's :(

I feel like i just walked into a sauna full of adult movie actors...

Anyways, i'm getting either 32 or 42 inch Sony kdl w65 serie tv. Probably 32 inch because 700euros is kinda expensive for me. I would definitely want 42 though...

User Info: singhellotaku

3 years ago#124
46 and 52, I also have an old 12" crt in the garage somewhere

User Info: kreeders

3 years ago#125
60 inch but getting a 50 inch to replace it
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