Should I get an Xbox One or PS4?

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User Info: pigman2003

4 years ago#21
Scarface720 posted...
I want to get the xbox one because all of my friends are getting it, I like the exclusives, and I like their online Network. BUT, I don't like how flip-floppy MS has been with their policies and all that. It makes me feel like they aren't confident in their own machine which makes me question if I should get it. Also, the ps4 has pretty good games, it it more powerful, it's cheaper, and Sony seems to be going about this in a very smart way.

I just don't want to get an Xbox One and it lose support from a lot of publishers. It sounds like the ps4 has way more sells than the Xbox One which means Sony will make more money and from that they will improve upon it even more. The only thing is all my friends are getting the Xbox One and playing with those guys is what makes the games way better. What do you guys think?

Microsoft has poured A LOT of money into the Xbox One, 700 million in to servers, 1 BILLION into exclusive games, and god know how much developing the new Kinect, they are going to jump in with both feet to push the Xbox One especially because the PS4 is getting more Pre orders.

If you like the games on the Xbox One better then get that, if you like the game on the PS4 better then get that, but just know that people greatly over exaggerate the power difference between the two consoles.

User Info: CloneTheHero

4 years ago#22
Get a Sega Saturn anf stfu.... no seriously, you'd get a better experience out of a Saturn than the X1.
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User Info: VeiledGenesis

4 years ago#23
MrAntike184 posted...
VeiledGenesis posted...
Just go PC. We are the master race after all. Besides, virtually everything you can play on either console is available, in better form, on PC.


Once Rockstar figures out how to make a good PC port of their games, then you'll have a point. Until then, it's just another bit of shovelware.

Besides, he doesn't need to wait for Xbox One or PS4 to play his precious crime sim.
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User Info: Fear_Awakens

4 years ago#24
Ah, the classic 'My friends are getting an Xbox but I really want a PS' dilemma... That's how I was in this gen. See, it started when I was in high school. I wanted a PS3, since I'd been a Sony Pony since the PS1, and before that I was a Nintendork. But my friends kept talking about the Xbox 360, how awesome it was, and how fantastic this 'Halo' game was.

I went to a friend's house, played Halo 1 and Halo 2. I loved it. I wasn't very good at it, but I loved it. They told me Halo 3 was coming out for the Xbox 360, which they were all getting. They told me there was nothing on the PS3 I'd ever want to play that wasn't going to be on the Xbox 360 (which wasn't true, sadly). They read me a list of things that was wrong with the PS3. (Which was valid at the time, but not now)

So I got an Xbox 360. I loved it. It was great. Fantastic fun. But then the Xbox craze started to wind down. Games I wanted to play were exclusive to the PS3. I noticed that the 360 had great FPS games... but very few RPGs, which were/are my favorite games. Eventually CoD ruined my fuzzy feelings about Halo, because without Halo, CoD would never have happened. But I still loved Halo. Reach made me fanboy hardcore. Skyrim restored my faith in the 360, as it had more support than the PS3 version.

Then Halo 4 completely destroyed any affection I had for FPS games, murdering my boyhood love of Halo outright. I had to replace my Xbox 360 twice, since the old white Xbox became obsolete and couldn't run newer games and my first 360 slim RRoD'd. Then those guys that convinced me to buy a 360 and I had a severe falling out, I won't go into detail here, but suffice it to say heated words were exchanged, physical blows followed, and I was eager for my HS career to end so I would never have to see them ever again, thus removing any need to care about their opinions.

Today I sit in front of my Xbox 360, an angry, bitter man, thinking about where I went wrong... not actually regretting it, mind you, as it was my favorite console for nigh-on four years, it's just that in more recent times the 360 has kind of been crap and MS has been steadily moving away from a gameplay perspective and towards social media. I decided not to let other people and their opinions decide which console I'd get after that.

Don't let other people decide what console you get. If the only reason you want a new console is to play multiplayer with your buddies, you'd better hope that you stay friends at least until the PS5/Xbox... two, I guess, comes around, because otherwise you'll find yourself with a bunch of multiplayer games and nobody to play them with.

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Get the console you want, not the console your friends want. Buying a console you don't actually want just because your friends are getting it and you want to be 'in' is a bad idea. (Insert Peer Pressure Drug Talk here)
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User Info: reincarnator07

4 years ago#25
Get the system that has the games you want. Otherwise, go PC.
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User Info: BloodyDove2vs

4 years ago#26
Get a Ps4 and just enjoy. Minus the NSA support. ^^
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User Info: Bladescorpion

4 years ago#27
You only miss out on halo and gears if you buy ps4.

Sony has more first party titles.

Ps4wiiu is the way to go.
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User Info: Phonypapercuts

4 years ago#28
Make your own decision both will be good some people say other things. I believe go to the console you will have more friends on, the games that interest you.. if that fails get both haha

User Info: Perfect Light

Perfect Light
4 years ago#29
Just go Xbox One, TC. We don't want people who can't make their own decisions.
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