Getting a PS4 without a preorder???!?

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User Info: lugnutAL

4 years ago#1
So when do you guys think someone will be able to walk into a store and pick up a PS4? I'm sure in store stock will be non-existent during the holidays but I think that by March you might be able to pick one up from the store.
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User Info: VT-14

4 years ago#2
Sony has said that they are holding back stock from pre-orders to try and keep shelves full(er) these holidays. You may be able to find one just after launch (if not on launch).
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User Info: jackorhoads

4 years ago#3
TC same every console launch:

-Companies sell out of preorders
-Darn guess I won't get one
-Store gets some in stock
-Rush of customers.

Supply/demand all that jazz. It's all hype (it will sell very well but its all hype), if you want one you'll be able to get one.
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4 years ago#4
Walmart is ur best bet TC. Open 24 hours amd they over stock like a mother.
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User Info: deathsaber79

4 years ago#5
Sony has come out and pretty much directly said:

1. If you didn't preorder now, your NOT getting a launch PS4

2. However, their goal is everyone who wants a PS4, will be able to procure one by Christmas, which they will ensure to happen with frequent shipments and restocking.

Take that for what you will- You didn't see PS2 or the orignal Wii on store shelves until at least the following spring, but while sales will be brisk, I don't think any console at $400 will sell quite as high as those machines did (especially since Wii was only $250)
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  3. Getting a PS4 without a preorder???!?

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