Name one time SONY let you down

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User Info: JixHedgehog

4 years ago#281
I gave the psx a shot even though I was and still am a huge SEGA fan.. And it was alright. FF7 was enjoyable, the Tron Bonne game was amazing and Symphony of the Night easily made my top 10 games . . .

Then Sony (due to their own failings at properly distributing their garbage) shut down my favourite import game site lik-sang.

Since then I have not owned nor never will own a PS2, have not even tried a PS3 and hope the PS4 flops just like its predecessor.
Jix @ Bigg'ens
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User Info: keybladefan18

4 years ago#282
I would be lying if I didn't say Sony never disappointed me. Sony disappointed me a lot this generation and through all that I still love Sony. So I say the ps3 was full with the most disappointing things:

1. Price of 599
2. Slow download speeds ( for me at least)
3. Sony home
4. Drought of games until uncharted
5. Cancellations of a lot of games at start.
6. No group chat.
7. Remote play

But Sony has fixed all my issues with ps4 so now im good.
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User Info: gigano25

4 years ago#283
Day 1 digital games costing more then the retail versions. Although they have been better about it lately with the lesser known titles. Triple A titles still waaaaaaay overpriced.

User Info: KAMMYqueen

4 years ago#284
Porunga posted...
Never, honestly. Only thing that came close was the psn hack.. but it wasn't their fault. They were the victims of a crime.

KAMMY KOOPA Should Be In SSB 4. Unless You all want the game to suck.
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