PS4 suspend/resume feature not available at launch

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User Info: pokemon_45_79_1

4 years ago#41
Rybal posted...
pokemon_45_79_1 posted...
So let me get this straight 95% of what was announced is coming at launch for ps4, am I getting this correct, then whats the problem here, seems we are getting what we want, a couple of features are not ready yet, big deal.

Just a question why is this a bad thing seems Sony is doing what they are suppose to be doing, I don't remember the suspend/resume feature being announced for launch, it was announced to come out for ps4, so I ask again what is the issue here.

It was announced and assumed that it would be at launch. Given the fact that handhelds already do this, there was no reason to expect that it would not be available at launch.

Over on the X1 boards, there were a LOT of fanboys talking about the Day 1 patch and putting down the X1 for it when it was first announced. Some people here are acting under the "turnabout's fair play" model.

Except an internet connection isn't required to play SP games, you need a connection to get most of the features to activate, so you can still play games on it, like the ps3 did, but if you wanted psn and other services you needed a connection, also the xbone requires an internet connection to even use the system for the first time can't even play games on it without that patch, glad Sony not going that way.

I don't remember Sony announcing that some features would be available at launch 95% of what they announced is available, save a few to work the bugs out so one patch is needed and not needing other patches to fix things.

People shouldn't have assume anything that everything is available at launch.

But handhelds and consoles are different in the hardware in general so what works on handhelds might not work on consoles as fast as it should due to different hardware, the vita and ps4 have sort of different hardware in it, but most of what was released on the vitas is coming at launch for ps4, the suspend/resume feature never was announced for the vita, so pretty much everything on handhelds is coming at launch.
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