Blockbuster UK IN administration for 2nd time.

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User Info: s2good

3 years ago#1
Hope none of you guys have a PS4 on pre order.
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User Info: Iminyourcloset

3 years ago#2
I live in the UK and I had no idea they still existed
"I think all you gotta do is find that little black kid, and doesn't that start the whole backdoor option?" -WHiTE_LickR

User Info: BeatItUpRight

3 years ago#3
No new console for little Timmy this xmas.

Actually, could probably find one if looked hard enough.
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User Info: Eoin

3 years ago#4
Hopefully some other company will pick up the pre-orders. It was a bit silly of people to pre-order a console with a company using an archaic business model that had already failed dismally once, but I suppose it's understandable not to think about the possibility of a business failing when pre-ordering. This is why I pre-ordered with Amazon - I decided in June that I could wait the extra few days for delivery, safe in the knowledge that Amazon would still exist in November.
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