Ps4 walmart Midnight release

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User Info: UxSxFreedom

4 years ago#1
Will walmart have ps4s ready for sale at midnight i live in a small town about 7000-8000 people
what do you think are the chances of getting a ps4

User Info: llsamuraill

4 years ago#2
For the 360 launch I went at noon and was 7th in line out of 13 consoles Walmart had. I would say if you arrive at noon it is a safe bet you will get one. Btw by 1pm there were 17 people in line for 13 consoles. It is best to bring a friend to save your spot in line if you have to pee. It gets ugly out there.
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User Info: TrueLink

4 years ago#3
It depends on your Walmart. I was over 48 hours ahead of the PS3 launch when they allowed the line to start forming. There were over 50 people in it in a matter of minutes. I waited a day and a half before I left because I knew at that point how many they had (14) and I was two shy of getting one.
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User Info: AceTheFace

4 years ago#4
I wouldn't wait its not worth it.

Odds are you will get one within 24 hrs if u just call around and be smart.

User Info: wolfie2003

4 years ago#5
Do u guys realize that Walmart was taking preorders so unless they have more than preorders then anyone without that isn't getting one?
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