If Xbone gets Killer Instinct, what forgotten fighting game should we get?

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  3. If Xbone gets Killer Instinct, what forgotten fighting game should we get?

User Info: Queen_of_Lazy89

3 years ago#11
Bloody Roar
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User Info: The Great Dane

The Great Dane
3 years ago#12
Battle Arena Toshinden

While it was never a great fighter by any means, it was one of the Playstation launch titles was used to showcase how amazing the Playstation would be. Every ps1 ad leading up to the launch featured the game. Sony put a lot of marketing money into it. Then it just faded away.

So I think it would be appropriate time to bring it back with the new system and with Microsoft also bringing back a fighter that also was a showcase game that faded away.

User Info: Hypnotizer

3 years ago#13
Eternal Champions!
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User Info: necromass

3 years ago#14
Eternal Champions.
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User Info: DarkJaydragon

3 years ago#15
Hypnotizer posted...
Eternal Champions!
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User Info: Reverted_Pikkon

3 years ago#16
Lord of the Flies posted...
It's kind of amazing that there've only been two Power Stone games and that both have only ever been released on Dreamcast. Power Stone was very dependent on getting friends together to have fun as it had no single player at all, or at least none worth playing for anything other than practice. It'd be perfect for modern day online gaming. Come on Capcom!

They were both ported to the PSP.
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User Info: mfv12979

3 years ago#17
Primal Rage
Battle Arena Toshinden
Rival School.

User Info: Kingeptacon

3 years ago#18
I'll take Eternal Champions for a $1000, Alex.

Bring back Super Dodge Ball and Base Wars too.
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User Info: beastwarking

3 years ago#19
Most of these games would probably work as PSN games though:
G. Darius
Not forgotten but a new 2.5D Klonoa would be nice
Jet Moto
Dragon Warrior Monster

I'd buy all of these if they came out for the PS4 (or Wii U)
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User Info: Beasthunt

3 years ago#20
Need moar Bayman!
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  3. If Xbone gets Killer Instinct, what forgotten fighting game should we get?

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