what game's should I get for the ps4?

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User Info: Microsoft_Zune

3 years ago#1
I currently bought madden 25 to have a sport's game.

any suggestion's?
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User Info: CollCrofter

3 years ago#2
Resogun (Must have)
KZ Shadow Fall
BF 4
Fifa 14 (if that's your thing)
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User Info: Kirby

3 years ago#3
I'm enjoying Ghosts, I did the digital upgrade from ps3 to ps4.
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User Info: eastbaycali

3 years ago#4
Killzone: Shadow Fall. It improved after the v1.0.7 patch yesterday that gave it online voice-chat and the speed of movement is faster.
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User Info: XxZiomaxX

3 years ago#5
if you could only get one game and it not be a sports game, get AC4.

after that I'd go either NBA 2k14 or Fifa 14 depending on which you like more, because they are both better than Madden and you can get a lot of time out of them for your money. so trade Madden if possible lol

the third game imo would be Need For Speed: Rivals because it looks amazing, has a lot to do in it, and the multiplayer is integrated seamlessly. I bet this game would be a blast with a lobby full of friends.

the fourth game would be an obligatory multiplayer shooter. Ghosts is pretty much for sure in 3rd place out of the 3. Killzone is an exclusive, and the multiplayer is a blast. The single player is less cookie cutter than Battlefield's, but I enjoyed BF4's more. Personally, I really think the KZ multiplayer is better and it is the better game. However, the population thus far online has been tiny compared to BF4's. Maybe there will be more people after Christmas? Tough choice between BF4 and KZ.

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every shooter's campaign on this console

User Info: SuperSaiyanSean

3 years ago#6
Assassin's Creed 4
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