It amazes me that Don't Starve (and others) manages to outdo most AAA games

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  3. It amazes me that Don't Starve (and others) manages to outdo most AAA games

User Info: Tansyris

3 years ago#1
Imagine if indie developers had the influence on gaming they truly deserve. We'd see more incredible games. Or, as the Call of Duty fans would say: shovelware. But hey, most of us know the truth. Thank Sony we're getting so many indies. It's going to really set this system apart (I mean, besides the significantly better hardware, better community, free games, and so on.)

User Info: Solid---Steak

3 years ago#2
I love Don't Starve. I'll take it over a pew pew military shooter anyday.

User Info: DBN_Stealth

3 years ago#3
not a fan

User Info: MacBookAir

3 years ago#4
#1) Don't ever say "Thank Sony".

#2) I totally agree. The thing about indie games is they are a somewhat hit-and-miss, but some indie games have managed to totally outdo AAA games.

I think Don't Stave might be one of my favorite games. I'm totally going to buy the PC version as well.
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User Info: rusty12000

3 years ago#5
Indie games are indeed the future, PC gamers have known this for years. It's nice to see Console starting to catch up.
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User Info: Tansyris

3 years ago#6
MacBookAir posted...
#1) Don't ever say "Thank Sony".

Don't hit me D:

User Info: Valor_Phoenix

3 years ago#7
Starbound is coming to PS4 eventually. It's in early PC beta right now, has a dev team of about ten people. They're listening to the gamer community playing it and putting in new features at request.

That's an example of a small indie game coming to the PS4.
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User Info: XdieX

3 years ago#8
really it amazes you? thats sad
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User Info: Mr_Big_Boss

3 years ago#9
Indie developers tend to focus on what matters, gameplay, while AAA developers are forced to rush a game out to meed deadlines, focus on graphics, and appeal to the Call of Duty masses.
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User Info: EvilCactus

3 years ago#10
That's because modern AAA games are at the mercy of retail stores who take their cut from the price of game, demand exclusive pre-order DLC, and then sell overpriced used copies with no money going to the developer. It's why games like Call of Duty, the Last of Us, and God of War cater to the lowest common denominator. These so-called "AAA" games need to have mass appeal in order to get shelf space at Gamestop. The advantage of selling a game over a digital stores is that developers can make the game that they want, release at whatever price they want, and not be hamstrung by middlemen. All of the best developers today (Obsidian, Paradox, Telltale, and Klei, who made Mark of the Ninja and Don't Starve) are working on digital games. They can be creative with their games, and not have to worry about having to include QTEs, zombies, etc for the 12 year olds. That's why the PC is such a better gaming platform than the PS4. With the PC, you get access to a giant library of GOTY titles that will only be available digitally, while with the PS4, you're stuck with generic $60 Call of Duty's and Uncharted's ($120 including the essential season pass and another $50 a year to play them online).
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  3. It amazes me that Don't Starve (and others) manages to outdo most AAA games

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