would you buy a 1080p 60fps Skyrim legendary edition for ps4???

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  3. would you buy a 1080p 60fps Skyrim legendary edition for ps4???

User Info: Eoin

3 years ago#21
I might buy it, if it were reasonably priced. However, I'd buy it maybe a month or two after release so other people could find the new game-breaking bugs and there was time to patch them. I like Bethesda's stuff but there's no way I'd buy on release any more.

User Info: huyi

3 years ago#22
I wouldn't mind but i would more likely preferred oboivion on ps4 with trophy support and missing content restored, i think that would make everyones day if that happened.

Foppe posted...
Give me a port or Morrowind instead.

No, just no, the all the textures would have to be updated and the map system modernised too, it would be like playing daggerfall on a next gen system, the graphics would be too primitive to be playable anymore, i have morrowind goty on the original xbox but just never got into it, the map was a huge issue and the npcs looked like they had come from a ps1 game, the game hasn't aged well at all.
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User Info: TauriLeader

3 years ago#23
If it contained all the dlc, the high resolution pack and a few other changed I would consider it.
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User Info: Rafedx

3 years ago#24
Nope, I have it for PC and I got it for cheap during a sale. $30 for the game and like $10 for the DLCs. The only way I would get a PS4 version would be if they added in new Bethesda made content and thats not likely. I highly doubt they would have mod support either so thats another reason to not get it.
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User Info: Orange_Apples

3 years ago#25
gamer6587 posted...
JohnRyan1228 posted...
No because I have it on PC. If it included mod support then the conversation would get interesting.

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User Info: Trigger99X

3 years ago#26
No, I already have it on my 360

User Info: BloatedSquirrel

3 years ago#27
Don't have a good gaming PC anymore, so yes, I would drop $60 and be very happy with my purchase.
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User Info: VT-14

3 years ago#28
If it was vastly improved or provided more than just Skyrim Legendary (like maybe adding in Oblivion on a second disc, or console commands, or mods...); maybe.

The problem I have is that my PS3 and PS4 only have a 3 inch gap between them, and I have a Legendary equivalent version of Skyrim already for my PS3. If all this new version brings is that it's prettier, then it's not worth it to me. Don't waste Bethesda's time and bring on TES VI.
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User Info: AtariSandra

3 years ago#29
No I would not buy it even though I loved Skyrim and put well over 200 hrs into it.

User Info: SoaD0031

3 years ago#30
no thank you
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