PS4 started crashing whenever I launched a game or demo. Any assistance?

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  3. PS4 started crashing whenever I launched a game or demo. Any assistance?

User Info: JPlicious

3 years ago#1
I turned off my ps4 via controller right after playing warframe. Went to go turn it back on and play warframe. As soon as the update check screen popped up for the game, the ps4 error report popped up. I assumed it was just a little error, but i entered the game again, and got the same error every time I entered the loading screen. After a few tries, the whole system shut down, and it entered safe mode and told me something along the lines of manually getting an usb update installation via the play station site, i'm not sure if thats the issue or not, but I'm still able to turn the ps4 on without any issue, and use the playstation shop along with the internet browser. I tried opening a FIFA demo, but as soon as the loading screen popped up, I received another crash error. But it's weird, even though I received the crash error, The demo/application is still running. Idk WTF is going on, but can someone help me out here, cause I'm kind of lost and I'm not getting much help from previous, related posts

User Info: Foppe

3 years ago#2
Error CE-34878-0?
If so, you seem to be pretty much f***'d unless you get lucky.
Sony is "investigating" this problem.
You can read about it at which got a few "Sony told me to do this" options, some seems to work for some while not for others.
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User Info: 95_Eclipse

3 years ago#3
Good luck TC, hopefully you can get it sorted. I've had enough dead 360's over the years to know how much it sucks :(

I'll go super saiyan if I wind up with a dead Ps4 >.>
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User Info: JPlicious

3 years ago#4
Well as it turns out, I needed to reinstall the 1.52 update, which I did, but made the issue worse. I'm unable to turn on my ps4 without it freezing within the first, scratch that, more like the first 30 seconds. I'm calling Sony and shipping this off to them. I'm going back to bed but thanks for the responses, they helped

User Info: BlueFlameBat

3 years ago#5
I see Sony hasn't addressed the freezing issue even with a brand new console! Crap like this is pushing me further away from console gaming. PCs may be far from perfect, but at least you don't have to feed the beasts to fix them. You know what happens when you fix a console yourself or have it fixed by anyone other than the company that made it? It likely gets bricked in an update for "unauthorized modification". It's like they make their hardware fragile on purpose so they can make even more money through replacements, repairs, and warranties.
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User Info: JPlicious

3 years ago#6
I took it to Gamestop. The guy at the store said it had a slight overheat issue because he noticed some slight corrosion on the side of those openings on the ps4. So I have to keep my room cooler or keep the playing down to a minimum. It's weird because my room is cold as hell, and I keep the window open on a regular basis. And I keep it in a spacious spot so it won't get hot easily, so idk. Either way, I have a warranty for my defective ps4. I get my new one next week, I just need to swap the warranty
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  3. PS4 started crashing whenever I launched a game or demo. Any assistance?

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