Grown up gamers only, do you, or would you, own all 3?

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User Info: Teremei

3 years ago#1
I know "grown up gamers" doesn't match Gfaqs but hopefully there are a few left. I own a WiiU and PS4. It's easy to answer why. I love console gaming and I enjoy console exclusives. Mario Kart 8 looks very good to me. There has not been one PS4 exclusive that is amazing to me, but there is a good chance one or two will show up at E3. So far I count 2 pretty interesting games for the XB1 I like, Dead Rising and Sunset Overdrive. If they continue to pile up I might have to start considering XB1 if the price falls to $399.

Do you own all 3 yet, do you consider it? And if so, for what games? I bought a PS4 because at the time XB1 was overpriced, didn't have any games to actually show why kinnect 2.0 is worth it, and the PS4 sounded like it would be a tad more powerful. But enough great exclusives could sway me.
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User Info: Video_Game_Czar

3 years ago#2
I'm starting to question why I bought the PS4...Christ, I couldn't handle three systems with nothing to play on them.
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User Info: NE_PatriotsFan

3 years ago#3
prob get an xbox one years down the line, like 4-5 years only if it has like 15+ exclusives im interested in, but wii u, not interested in it at all. I actually dont like nintendo in general.
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User Info: CharadeSmith

3 years ago#4
I would own a Wii U and Vita. No XB1.
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User Info: NSGraphite

3 years ago#5
I currently own a ps3 and a wii.

I plan to add a ps4 to that equation by summers end hopefully. last generation, i seriously considered getting a 360 for the few jrpgs that came out on the system (and one krpg) but ultimately held off because there was nothing for the system i wanted aside from those few games, so i felt it wasnt worth the cost. perhaps when the 360 hits $99 i will get one and those few games i missed.

Its pretty much the same issue with the xbone. it and the ps4 will have many of the same games for the system. likely very few 3rd party exclusives with a few 1st party tittles. i'm generally more interested in sonys 1st party offerings (uncharted, last of us etc) than i am in xbox 1st party. if ms 1st party studios start making the kind of games that interest me, or begin securing interesting 3rd party exclusives, that could change. but for now i'm going ps4 for sure and maybe a wii u later for the kids (and so i can play "X")
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User Info: Tajaz2426

3 years ago#6

User Info: Anakerie

3 years ago#7
No. I have my 360 and my PS4 and that's enough for me for now. If I ever did buy another console it would probably be the Wii U sometime down the road. Almost all of the games I'm interested in are multiplats or PS4 exclusive. Being an adult means I have responsibilities and expenses and family obligations. Right now there's no reason for me to buy another console.
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User Info: itachi15243

3 years ago#8
I only have a PS4, not really interested in the other two. I might end up getting an XBone because of how much my fiancée wants one.

It honestly seemed like it was easier to own all systems before I hit twenty.

User Info: zaakro

3 years ago#9
I own a Wii U and PS4, I don't plan on buying the Xbox1. I did have an Xbox 360 last gen though.
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User Info: QueezZeenart

3 years ago#10
No. I have a PS4, Wii U, and an up to date gaming PC for this generation. Trying to sell the Wii U, as the other two appear to be all I'll need.
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