Grown up gamers only, do you, or would you, own all 3?

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User Info: deathdealer757

3 years ago#141
had all 3 last gen sold the 360 after 3 months still have the other two, have the ps4, 3ds, vita, and gaming rig atm. I might a wii u if they make another(good) metroid and it is less than 200$ other than that I am done.

User Info: silenthill4vid

3 years ago#142
not anymore, don't have the time. wii u will be my first next gen console. mario kart 8 looks amazing.
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User Info: DiaperDandee

3 years ago#143
Video_Game_Czar posted...
I'm starting to question why I bought the PS4...Christ, I couldn't handle three systems with nothing to play on them.

You can't be a grown up gamer, you would know most of the time systems don't have much for selection at this point, so why did yo buy one if not much was going to be released?
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User Info: RD_21

3 years ago#144
No, I buy one Nintendo system every 2 gen as their game usually don't change that much and I can get my fix for a while.

As for MS, I never cared for their exclusives. There is already too many games to be played on one system, don't need to own them all.

User Info: pusho

3 years ago#145
im not against having the 3 consoles but i wouldn't do it. Currently i own a PS3, VITA and 3DS, plan to add a PS4 this christmas or april of 2015 (my birthday)
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User Info: Estheimaster

3 years ago#146
I currently only own a Wii U since it's more affordable and I'm a big Smash Bros fan (and Mario Kart 8 looks great). I don't have one yet, but I plan on getting a PS4 when Kingdom Hearts III comes out (and FF XV looks amazing too).
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User Info: Mr_Big_Boss

3 years ago#147
This is the first generation where I only have interest in buying one console. I used to try to get them all so I wouldn't miss out on great games.

The 360 was the first console I refused to buy due to their hardware failure rate during the first few years, then there simply wasn't any exclusives I was interested in.
Microsoft doesn't know how to manufacture hardware well, combine that with their forced Kinect and terrible DRM mess, I'm ignoring Xbone as well.

The Wii U is just continuing the trash that started on Wii. They're relying on gimmicks again with the tablet controller. This is the first Nintendo console I have no interest in right now. Only two games look good, neither one is worth buying the console for, though. That may change when the real Zelda game arrives. Nintendo has potential with their franchises, but they seem confused right now.
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User Info: DiamondGirl1092

3 years ago#148
Nope. I deeply dislike the Xbone, so I don't see myself upgrading my 360. Someone I know was recently telling me I should get a Wii U(even gave his thoughts on it as well) though. I'm still thinking about it.
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User Info: bailer4life

3 years ago#149
I have vita and 3ds which are great, if I do get another, I'll wait to see what has best games with no bull s***!

It's not looking good tho. The way the game industry's going, I'd rather go full retro. There's enough already available to last a lifetime.
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User Info: WhitGameR44

3 years ago#150
Currently own PS4 and 3DS. So far that seems good enough for me. I have bought all 3 systems the last 2 gens, and in both cases, the Gamecube and Wii both felt like a waste of money. I was all for another Microsoft system after the 360, but with Microsoft's horrid PR and a Kinect mandatory system, I really don't want one.

So more than likely I'll stick with a PS4, 3DS and upgrade my PC and use that as my complementary gaming machine.

The Wii U or X1 would have to have a exclusive I just cannot live without playing for me to even consider making a purchase.
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