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User Info: Horridhal

3 years ago#11
Why is this on the PS4, or any current gen, board?

No one cares that you are skipping this gen.
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User Info: TheGuiltySpark

3 years ago#12
3D3 posted...
lol it's been 7 months, cry me a river.

This would make sense if what I had written was a complaint... It wasn't.
Comprehend moar.

My statement was actually reflective of a deeper observation that the disparity of differences between console generations is becoming less drastic. For example,
the upgrade to PS3 from PS2 was a leap in technology seeing as the differences was that one came with a built in hard drive, blu-ray player, built in wifi, bluetooth technology in their controllers, online multiplayer capabilities, ability to download and stream applications/movies/etc.

Whereas the technological gap in the upgrade to PS4 from PS3 is a more powerful console that allows for greater graphical fidelity and internal game computations. Other than that, there is nothing the PS4 can do that my PS3 can't. This is not a complaint, its a statement; one that is not powerful enough to sway my interests, or my wallet to make the jump to the next advancement.

But this is just how it is, and how its going to be. The PS5 will not be some revolutionary achievement in console making. It is going to be an incremental evolution in terms of visuals and machine computing capabilities. We are past the days of miraculous leaps and bounds in graphics and major gaming milestones. What we have now is the product of refinement after refinement after refinement. It can only get so shiny and nice looking before you just have to sit there and admire it because there's nothing else that can be done except cut out the anti-alias a little more, squeeze out a few more frames per second...

And thats fine. Games are beautiful, and I enjoy seeing new series emerge, and the next installment to the biggest franchises get released - but I'm not the child that gets instantly floored by the newest action game, or wow'd by the slick trailer of that game that was announced last week.. Now able to pay for my own devices and games, I have become an informed consumer able to analyze information and think for myself.

As stated, I have 3 console generations worth of games at my disposal already, and unless something unique and un-missable appears (like an Elder Scrolls VI special edition bundle) then there is nothing I believe that I'd be missing from this generation other than some gorgeous games and more of the same (fun) RPGs, shooters, action and adventure games.

User Info: raige

3 years ago#13
Dude you're on the wrong board. PS3 board the other way. And also,

3D3 posted...
lol it's been 7 months...

User Info: snae99

3 years ago#14
Nope. Already have a Wii U and PS4.
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User Info: butterbeancd

3 years ago#15
I understand what you mean about there not being as big of a difference between consoles, TC. But there still is a difference, and I think the main issue is the fact that eventually games will only be released on PS4/XBox1.

I also imagine this generation will be long, so if you're cool with spending the next 7-10 years playing nothing but old games, that's fine. But I'm not. I want to be able to experience new games.

I also think it's a little silly to say "I won't buy a next-gen console unless this one, incredibly specific, thing happens." But maybe that's just me.
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User Info: Le_Misanthrope

3 years ago#16
Nope I'm getting ready to purchase a PS4 next week. I don't wanna sound rude but why are you posting this on the PS4 message board, most people probably already have one if they're on here. I know I don't but I'm going too here really soon. But it'd make more sense making this on the PS3 area.... I like what I've seen so far, you haven't that's entirely how you feel. To each their own.

User Info: KiraWins

3 years ago#17
wii u isn't even on there?
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User Info: ssringo

3 years ago#18
If I buy any console it'll likely be Wii U. Microsoft has zero IPs I care about and while I enjoyed some of Sony's IPs, none ever struck me as "must-own". Of course that might change but for what I know of that's coming, Wii U has the only titles that are a system seller for me.
What the Hell is wrong with this topic!?
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User Info: LMwest09

3 years ago#19
snae99 posted...
Nope. Already have a Wii U and PS4.

User Info: crazyman32

3 years ago#20
BeefEaster posted...
hell no
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