If you could bring back a dead franchise....

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User Info: aj4x94

3 years ago#1
What would it be? Onimusha all the way for me. I'd love another installment of that series. An HD Collection of the first 3 games would be nice too.
Playing: Skyrim, Half Life 2, Dark Souls 1&2, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD, System Shock 2, Borderlands 2
PSN: T-Snake94, XBL: T-Snake 94, Steam ID: T_Snake94

User Info: Hero3ziz

3 years ago#2
Crash Bandicoot made by Naughty Dog.
Old school Resident Evil.
Spyro the Dragon made by Insomniac.
3DS FC: 2535-3675-7160 PSN ID: Elemenalhero
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User Info: Gradieus

3 years ago#3
Final Fantasy

User Info: St3veDave

3 years ago#4
Call of Duty.

User Info: 4g63nut

3 years ago#5
Streets of rage or fatal fury.

User Info: unklet0uchy

3 years ago#6

User Info: Panzerlied93

3 years ago#7
Obviously the usual suspects will be picked so I'll pick one that recently 'died'.

Kane & Lynch.

What a bloody game, playing Watch Dogs reminds me of it. (The shooting's quite similar, I feel) The 2nd one was good but had a terrible story and even worse setting. Wish more people played/enjoyed the first. Also, Jesper Kyd done the soundtrack.
"It would be spiteful to put jellyfish in a trifle"

User Info: GnarKills

3 years ago#8
Zombies Ate My Neighbors/Ghoul Patrol
PSN - TheCheesy1
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User Info: DBN_Stealth

3 years ago#9
Dino Crisis

User Info: KCJ5062

3 years ago#10
Crash Bandicoot by Naughty Dog
Spyro The Dragon by Insomniac
Banjo-Kazooie(pre Microsoft)
Dino Crisis
Turn based Final Fantasy games
Syphon Filter
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