Do you think the PS4 can reach PS2 lifetime sale numbers?

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User Info: Extreme_light

3 years ago#31
PS4isallihave posted...
I doubt it. Too much competition

... Have you seen the competition lol?

Xbox trailing behind with 4-5 million while the PS4 is the fastest selling console ever at 9 million. The only thing that can stop the PS4 momentum is another powerful console entering the game or Nintendo announcing a innovation console that surpasses PS4 within the next 3-4 years.
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User Info: RobJ24

3 years ago#32
No 8th gen console will pass their 7th gen counterpart.

User Info: Terminatoor7

3 years ago#33
RobJ24 posted...
No 8th gen console will pass their 7th gen counterpart.

Don't you mean their predecessor?
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User Info: CharadeSmith

3 years ago#34
No, but PS1 yes.
Me: PS4 will outsell Wii (100 million) if new gen doesn't start before late 2019

User Info: crazyman32

3 years ago#35
Universquall posted...
It has no competition. So possibly.

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User Info: Eoin

3 years ago#36
There's a number of factors that will almost certainly prevent the PS4 from reaching the sales of the PS2.

1. No equivalent to the DVD player advantage that the PS2 had. This has been mentioned many times already in this topic and is well understood, so I won't go into any more details.

2. Price. Sony tightly controlled almost every aspect of the PS2's design themselves, and were able to get it down to very low prices. With the PS4, Sony aren't manufacturing very many of the components, and there's more components involved. They won't be selling the PS4 for US$99, ever. (The PS3 has a similar issue).

3. Competition. During most of the PS2's life, the tech world was very different. PCs were much less popular gaming machines. Microsoft had a niche console. Handhelds were reaching for the giddy heights of being approximately equivalent to the SNES. Mobile phones played monochrome Java games.

The PS4's world is not like that. It has competition from many machines outside of just the console industry. The PC games market is at its strongest ever point. Microsoft have shown that they can sell consoles in large numbers (even if they are so far not following up on that ability properly). Mobile phones and tablets (and microconsoles based on the same chips) are powerful, ubiquitous, and well-supported. The PS4 faces more of a challenge, from more angles, than the PS2 ever did.

4. Exclusives. The PS2's generation was the last time when developers were happy to make exclusive games - they could make a PS2 game and cover ~90% of the console market, and consider ports to other machines later. Most games defaulted to PS2 exclusivity. This will not happen to the PS4. It will of course have exclusives (and timed exclusives and exclusive DLC and so forth), but the majority of big games will appear on Xbox One as well.

5. The Japanese market. The PS2 was the last console to sell gigantic numbers in Japan. It sold just over 23m. The Wii sold just under 13m. The PS3 sold 10m. Console sales are trending badly down (and even handheld sales are suffering). It would be a big surprise if the PS4 could match the PS3 in Japan, and that means a 13m disadvantage compared to the PS2.

The PS4 is selling in immense numbers. It is clearly going to sell well. If there were only one or two of those factors standing in its way, it might even beat the PS2. However, the combination of all of those factors will probably mean lifetime sales that are notably below PS2 levels.

User Info: big_pimper

3 years ago#37
lmao not a chance, theres no gimmick like a cheap dvd player to entice the masses
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User Info: captsplatter_1

3 years ago#38
AxleHeadX posted...
The PS2 has over 150 million units sold worldwide. Xbox 360 and PS3 will probably barely reach 85 million each and thats after 9 years on the market So is it possible? Maybe but very unlikely.

Wii got 100 million.
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User Info: SoaringDive

3 years ago#39
Maybe if Sony's developers go back to actually developing video games. Consumers will get their movies elsewhere, so there's no reason for most to own a PS4.
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User Info: SegavsCapcom

3 years ago#40
Very, very unlikely. The PS2 was a perfect storm. The PS4's situation isn't nearly as ideal.
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