GOTY So Far?

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User Info: blitz_0623

3 years ago#41
For me currently Mario Kart 8

By the end of the year I expect a battle between Destiny and SSB
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User Info: PS4always

3 years ago#42
FallenTrepie posted...
Divinity Original Sin is my top pick so far.


User Info: ckramse

3 years ago#43

But im sure some shady backroom deal will go down so that shovel knight gets it because of blah blah blah

User Info: Spade21X

3 years ago#44
Pretty sure Super Smash Bros. is going to get that award .
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User Info: TheSnypahvol2

3 years ago#45
Garden Warfare

But I'm pretty sure none of those will be in my top 3 at the end of the year....although I found all 3 a ton of fun.

User Info: miroll

3 years ago#46
Ground zeroes.

Might be short but I'd say that its the game I have enjoyed the most so far
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User Info: F-Rott

3 years ago#47
I remember when "Game of the Year" was reserved for far less games.

Nowadays, it seems that it means that this is their yearly outing, their "Game of the Year". Next year's franchise offering will be next year's "Game of the Year", because it's their game released in that specific year.

User Info: takidigits2005

3 years ago#48
South Park: The Stick of Truth. It's the only game this year that I feel even comes close.
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User Info: Enclave

3 years ago#49
takidigits2005 posted...
South Park: The Stick of Truth. It's the only game this year that I feel even comes close.

Have you played Divinity: Original Sin yet?
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User Info: Hagan

3 years ago#50
Titanfall so far, but it will probably be going to Destiny. I heard D:OS was awesome, so I may need to check that out if it ever goes on sale on Steam
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