GOTY So Far?

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User Info: TullyBlanchard

3 years ago#51
Hagan posted...
Titanfall so far

Oh lord.
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User Info: Enclave

3 years ago#52
Hagan posted...
Titanfall so far, but it will probably be going to Destiny. I heard D:OS was awesome, so I may need to check that out if it ever goes on sale on Steam

Or you can get it DRM free at

Though if you want to play co-op (the way the game was meant to be played) you need to wait until some time in August when GoG Galaxy releases so you can play co-op. What's really cool is GoG Galaxy will cross play with people who own their copy on Steam, so if you have the DRM free version and your friend has the DRM'd Steam version? You'll still be able to play together.
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User Info: carib2g

3 years ago#53
Wolfenstein: The New Order by a mile!

The game has the best story of all the candidates, fantastic gunplay with the best "lean" shooting ever. Wonderfully crafted characters and game world. It's just clear that the devs were really focused and the passion shows. New game +. Chapter replay. Great extra play modes. Man, what a thrill-ride from beginning to end that game is. Working on the plat now! (And I almost never make it a point to plat a game!)

Runner-ups: Infamous: Second Son & Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
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User Info: TheSnypahvol2

3 years ago#54
Completely forgot about The Wolf Among Us. That's far and away the best game experience I've had this year and will probably be up there for GOTY. Absolutely fantastic.

User Info: psychward

3 years ago#55
The best game I've played so far was South Park: The Stick of Truth

But I haven't played much else that was released this year.

I think once Destiny launches it's over. It looks like the coop and competitive multiplayer are both going to be really good. Plus for GOTY it takes some name recognition and hype too. We all know it.

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