what book series would like to see as a game franchise?

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  3. what book series would like to see as a game franchise?

User Info: MonkeyMaster007

3 years ago#1
Seeing as how The Witcher, lord of the rings, Metro, A game of thrones and others have had games. What book series would like to see get the gaming treatment? Me, I would love to see Vampire Hunter D get a video game. I know there was a PlayStation one game, but I would love to see an open world where you can ride your horse and take on quest in an post apocalyptic world run by vampires.
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User Info: K_Bleezy_420

3 years ago#2
I'm joking dont hurt me

But seriously, I haven't read too many books, but one series I have read is "The Redwall" novels. I feel like they could be turned into an RPG of sorts, but then again, I'm not sure how I would feel playing an RPG as a squirrel or something of that sorts.
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User Info: MonkeyMaster007

3 years ago#3
You would be surprised. I love that series and I think it would make for a great Rpg.
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User Info: peephole303

3 years ago#4
The king in Yellow
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User Info: MyDogSkip

3 years ago#5
I don't really read. The last two books I read were Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: Firestorm (a prequel to the new movie) and Life of Pi (which I read four years ago). I guess either of those could make for good survival games.
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User Info: Boutchie23

3 years ago#6
Mistborn trilogy.
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User Info: da_StoOge

3 years ago#7
The First Law trilogy as a Witcher style RPG.

Read that series if you like dark fantasy.
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User Info: theClamHammer

3 years ago#8
Fifty Shades Of Grey

User Info: MrSpaM111

3 years ago#9
Not sure if it counts, but I'd like to see a multiplayer dungeons and dragons game similar to dark souls, in that it retains the brutal yet fair gameplay, but also encourages team work to take down enemies and solve puzzles.
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User Info: psychward

3 years ago#10
The Dark Tower
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