what book series would like to see as a game franchise?

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User Info: AceMagase

3 years ago#21
The Wheel of Time

User Info: Lovecraftiangod

3 years ago#22
Anita Blake vampire hunter.
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User Info: lambchips

3 years ago#23
Clifford for those old enough to remember it
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User Info: Pharsti01

3 years ago#24
Mistborn Trilogy would give an absolutely awesome rpg or action game (as long as it was made by Platinum).... then again, most of Sandersons books would be awesome games, or movies, or anything, theyre just that good.

Kushiel Trilogy.... either an adventure game in the veins of Heavy Rain would be pretty good as well.

User Info: Tsuruke

3 years ago#25
Rainy_David1 posted...
TV Guide

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User Info: rapius002

3 years ago#26
Ender's Game- A tactical third person shooter in zero gravity, commanding battalions of school children in the Battle Room; then a change of gameplay with allowing you to explore the school third person adventure style ala the early Harry Potter games; and finally a change of gameplay to an RTS when at Command School. Plus the trippy third person.adventure sequences of the Giant's Game.

Artemis Fowl series in a Harry Potter style game

I read quite a bit, but unfortunately, I don't think too many books would make good games due to the lack of "action" (not that there isn't action obviously, but nothing that can be consistent for a single genre of gameplay).
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User Info: Rizzman111

3 years ago#27
The game inside the book Ready Player One. A giant MMO, tons of planets, etc, 80s movie references, etc. if you've read this book, you know oasis would make a amazing game
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User Info: Erevile

3 years ago#28
The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel
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User Info: XdieX

3 years ago#29
The Bourne trilogy

I really liked the first game that came out on PS3 it was a very "under the radar" type of game. I think rocksteady should make it the trilogy
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User Info: TullyBlanchard

3 years ago#30
The Five Chinese Brothers
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