Lol, Who DOSEN't have a Destiny Beta code?!?

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  3. Lol, Who DOSEN't have a Destiny Beta code?!?

User Info: ChaoticKnuckles

3 years ago#21
Where's the option on the poll for people who actually don't have a beta code, like me?
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User Info: dark trunks

dark trunks
3 years ago#22
I don't have a beta code. I haven't pre-ordered the game. Honestly, I've been a little too preoccupied with other things lately to even give it a second thought.
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User Info: GiSS88

3 years ago#23
I don't. I may preorder to try it out, and judge whether I keep the preorder or not based on how I like the game.
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User Info: Canned Toast

Canned Toast
3 years ago#24
I technically don't have a "code", but I pre-ordered from psn, so I should be in the beta

User Info: F-Rott

3 years ago#25
I don't have one. Judge me.

User Info: captsplatter_1

3 years ago#26
Just preorder from amazon and then cancel.
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User Info: swablu

3 years ago#27
I could care less for this game or any FPS out there
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User Info: F-Rott

3 years ago#28
captsplatter_1 posted...
Just preorder from amazon and then cancel.

I just don't feel like going through that, honestly. If someone gets an extra code, I'll be more than happy to accept it, otherwise I'll wait for the release.

User Info: BloatedSquirrel

3 years ago#29
I pre-ordered Destiny at GameStop way back when, I just lost the receipt so I need to get a new one printed out.
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User Info: MBBDarigon

3 years ago#30
dont have a code and dont wanna preorder it because might ask for it for my birthday lol
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  3. Lol, Who DOSEN't have a Destiny Beta code?!?

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