At what age did you play your first Playstation game? What game was it?

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User Info: ponyseizures

3 years ago#1
I first played MegaMan (forgot which) on the PS1 when I was 10.
I wouldn't own any PlayStation until 6 years later, so I could play Persona.

What about you guys?
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User Info: prozac786

3 years ago#2
Final Fantasy VII. And I was 12 or 13.
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User Info: Superfly Jo Jo

Superfly Jo Jo
3 years ago#3
Metal Gear Solid probably when I was about 10 or so. The game blew my mind back then, I didn't know games could be that cinematic until that point
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User Info: tisuko

3 years ago#4
18. Final Fantasy 7, or Resident Evil 2. Can't remember which.
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User Info: KrazyTheKlown10

3 years ago#5
Metal Gear Solid. I was about 4 or 5 it was basically the first game I remember beating and playing. I remember playing and beating Super Mario World too but the memories didn't stick with me like MGS did. I remember having to get my dad to help me with the torture scene cause my thumb wasn't fast enough to actually save Meryl.
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User Info: _ChunksTM_

3 years ago#6
I was 18, and it was Road & Track's: The Need for Speed on the PS1.
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User Info: Dorfmann_

3 years ago#7
13. Die Hard Trilogy
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User Info: ARMs7777

3 years ago#8
13. Samurai Showdown 3 or 4 i forgot which one it was.

User Info: aj4x94

3 years ago#9
4. Street Fighter: The Movie The Game.
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User Info: sumostickfigure

3 years ago#10
... I can't remember my exact age, but my first PlayStation game was Star Wars: Racer Revenge on PS2. Since that came out in 2002, I would have had to have been at least 11 at the time.
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