how big will next xbox be ?

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User Info: ButKevinBacon

4 years ago#1
will it be hueg

User Info: richboy900

4 years ago#2
We won't know until e3. I expect the may 21st reveal to be like the ps4 conference back in february and not give too much information.

As long as it isn't a big/heavy/bulky like the xbox 1 or like a george foreman (ps3). Another thing I hope is that the launch versions aren't as bad with hardware failures like the 360, seriously I'd rather ms take their time on this one.

User Info: metroidman92

4 years ago#3
I say no bigger than the Xbox, no smaller than the 360 slim. Maybe around the launch 360 size, but a tad smaller.
It's powered by a forsaken child?!
Might be, kind of. I mean, I didn't use the whole thing!

User Info: earthmaster3

4 years ago#4
Bigger than a bread box
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User Info: Foppe

4 years ago#5
Bigger than a super computer from the 70's.
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User Info: AceProsecutor

4 years ago#6
no tc it will be gignaitc

lol im so random!!1111
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User Info: reincarnator07

4 years ago#7
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User Info: SirchTheah

4 years ago#8
Coming in to this topic I was expecting a comment like 'It will be bigger then yo mamma!'.
Congrads GamesFAQ, you actually surprised me for once.

User Info: mokmuud

4 years ago#9
Bigger than 2 original Xbox consoles taped together.
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User Info: NormnStansfield

4 years ago#10
Honey, don't sweat it. Size doesn't matter.
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