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User Info: Solnot

4 years ago#1
Are we going backwards with the name or something? Who in their crazy mind at M$ decided it would be called "Xbox One"? It doesn't even make sense...

User Info: Ignignot_Er

4 years ago#2
Xbox 14

Calling it now.

User Info: sonic_rockz

4 years ago#3
Xbox was the first one. You performed at 360, and now you're back at one.
Paper is OP, scissors is fine. - Rock

User Info: Minamo

4 years ago#4
EMP | xXx NuBox 420 xXx

User Info: jburnt1

4 years ago#5
Xbox Zero
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User Info: Ajescent

4 years ago#6
I think the idea is that it's an all-in-one machine?
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User Info: Lard_in_Tea

4 years ago#7
I played Halo:CE over a decade ago on Xbox1.
"Hey-hey! Tea! Can I have some too? With lotsa sugar and honey and... oh yeah, don't forget the lard!" - Palmer
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User Info: Decon082

4 years ago#8
Should be called the Xbox Zero. My original Xbox that is 12 years old can't let me watch TV or use Skype, but I can do those things on my TV and computer.
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User Info: TheMilkman99

4 years ago#9
Assuming this won't kill the console line...
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User Info: blankempathy

4 years ago#10
Sounds like they were going for the xbox can do everything aka all in one. Still its pretty dumb.
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