I really wanted to like this console, but

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User Info: devnull520

4 years ago#1
I don't watch TV (I don't have cable - Netflix and games are the only thing I do in front of a TV)

I don't watch sports (ok, I do watch a little bit of NBA, but not the type of fan that will religiously watch every game)

I don't like NFL at all and MS is spending 400 millions on this.

I don't play play fantasy league.

My xbox 360, and ps3 are always online, still I have issues with the online requirements.

I usually buy games new, but I still have issues with their "fishy solution" for used games that they did not want to elaborate.

No backward compatibility is almost a deal breaker on its own, I know my current xbox wont stop working, but this is going to fragment the live community. Sometimes, while me and my friends are online playing different games we make plans to play something together, now if a few friends are using the 360 while others using the One, is going to be more difficult to have that kind of coordination.

I own over 100 Xbox Live Arcade games that it seems MS does not care. They sell online content, but are not willing to provide us with way to keep accessing the content past the Xbox 360 life cycle? Not a good way to introduce digital content, isn't? The architecture excuse is bs, You don't need to have a computer degree (I do) to understand that is not how software works. For a machine that should be at least around 10 times more powerful that its predecessor, there is no excuse to not develop an emulator.

Kinect is ok as an optional device (mine has been unplugged for more than a year now) but having the kinect as a requirement for me to play games that do not require kinect to play is ridiculous - call me paranoid, but I don't like a camera with a microphone in my living room that I can't control.

While I don't mind paying for Xbox Live (been doing it for 6 years now) I think thanks to some of those "extra features, live price is going to rise, specially after MS spent almost half a billion in a deal with the NFL. I know NFL is a big deal for a lot of people, good for them, but why should I pay so they can enjoy their football?

500 GB ... really? ok, they said the support External HDs, but why should I need to add an external HD, why not giving us the option to upgrade the HD, so I don't need the extra 2 cables, and the little box with a blinking light in my entertainment center, even if they included a HD, it should be replaceable and have support to SSDs.

Anyway, These are my problems with the new Xbox. I am sure there will be great games (both multi-platforms and exclusives) the game recording looks cool, I probably wont be using it a lot, but I like having the option to do it. The controller looks good too. I will wait until E3 to see more games, but right now yesterday I lost all my excitement for next generation consoles.

Sorry for all the text, but I had to put this in words somewhere. Thanks if you actually read it all.

User Info: 656stooge

4 years ago#2
No. Thank you for putting into words what everyone else is probably thinking. True it's been said before, but it's nice seeing that most aren't willing to just bend over and take all this.
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User Info: MrcTOtheJ

4 years ago#3
I'm with 656stooge, you read my mind.

Especially on the BC thing I've allways thought it sounded a bit like BS, Sony should also be told this as well with the PS4. BC isn't a deal breaker to me, but I'd love the option especially if I were to get the One (which I'm leaning towards the PS4 as of now) that way I could get 360 games that I've either played and know I like from friends, or I could get games I've wanted to try that are 360 only as well.
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