I wouldnt accept an xbox one, even if i was given it for free

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  3. I wouldnt accept an xbox one, even if i was given it for free

User Info: X_ULTIMA_X

4 years ago#1
Seriously. An always on kinect, spying on everything i do and an online requirement. Microsoft seriously screwed up with this cable box
Regards, Dolan
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User Info: ado982L

4 years ago#2
I don't believe you

User Info: 181stCommander

4 years ago#3
I would, just to sell it.
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User Info: Fusion916

4 years ago#4
At least it can play VHS tapes.

Oh wait, it can't even do that.
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User Info: teehee23

4 years ago#5
I can understand and feel the same way about ps3 and ps4.
"Xbox One... I think you're crap." -Me after the reveal.

User Info: Lief_of_Del

4 years ago#6
You MIGHT be able to sell it. Worst case scenario, a hilarious white elephant gift.
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User Info: Gaawa_chan

4 years ago#7
I would hook it up in my bathroom beneath the sink with the cabinet doors closed. >:D
"Do unto others 20% better than you would expect them to do unto you, to correct for subjective error." - Linus Pauling

User Info: BipBapBam

4 years ago#8
a TV that needs to be plugged into a TV

what a genius idea
GT: Noitrez

User Info: metalXgear

4 years ago#9
I'd take it for free but sell it right away.
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User Info: Road_Kill_666

4 years ago#10
It amuses me how special people think they are. Because out of all the millions that would buy the console "they" would want to spy on you. That or you feel paranoid about doing drugs and choking the chicken in front of your kinect which again you would believe that someone would want to spy on you specifically....... You are not that special, none of us are.
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  3. I wouldnt accept an xbox one, even if i was given it for free

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