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User Info: DebaserZero

4 years ago#31
darkknight109 posted...
ATiRadeonHD posted...
WhoIsTheDrizzle posted...
So you've announced yourself as a sony fanboy. But I'd hate to live in a world where sony (or any one gaming console) takes over all others and is in complete control. (no PC mentions please)

PC Gamer here. Enjoy your Xbox One. I just closed out of Battlefield 3, and the graphics twice as good as the new CoD: Ghosts game. I won't be buying either system. I hope XBO crashes and burns so M$ will focus more on the Windows platform :)

...wait, after this debacle you actually want MS to focus more on your gaming platform of choice?

I was about to say the same thing. PC gaming is still MS gaming

pretty soon we won't have anywhere to run to... Ouya? Steambox?

User Info: Tech_Level_1

4 years ago#32
Microsoftrox posted...
If 30% of the US can't afford Internet, then they obviously wouldn't be able to afford games. Xbox has so many exclusives that I don't even want to list them all. One my my friends let me play his ps3 once and it was so lame! It doesn't even have party chat lol. And every true Microsoft fan will love the new features!

Must be lonely living in that lil Xbox of yours.

Its not that the cant afford the high speed internet. Its because it is not available in their area.

You really need to get out of the city limits some time and breathe in some fresh air. Most people who don't have high speed internet available have toys like ATV's, go-karts, and dirt bikes. How does owning these things spell out to you that they can't afford high speed internet.
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