Describe Xbox One in three words

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User Info: EmiliaTheSage

4 years ago#1
TV, games, movies
"Women don't stay in the kitchen to make sandwiches."
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User Info: robitussin217

4 years ago#2
Empire strikes back

User Info: NormnStansfield

4 years ago#3
jalapeno flavored enema
the artist formerly known as southe03 and southe05.
Currently playing: Baldur's Gate 2; Zelda Twilight Princess, and Chrono Trigger
(message deleted)

User Info: Lord Lu Bu

Lord Lu Bu
4 years ago#5
Piece of ****.
Yes, you can say ASS!


4 years ago#6
Absolute unmitigated disaster.

User Info: moup94

4 years ago#7
Consumers come last

User Info: OnDiscDLC

4 years ago#8
Has no games.

User Info: IVO

4 years ago#9
Not gonna buy.

User Info: failure_turtle

4 years ago#10
xbox go home
Be yonce.
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