Things cloud computing could ACTUALLY be useful for - specifics

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User Info: Nyyark

4 years ago#1
Pathfinding in any game.
Path finding is hugely taxing to do really well, but only needs to be once calculated relatively infrequently. This would really improve stuff like Skyrim or ANY game where you have AI allies.

Turn based RPG's

Really having cloud levels of AI that could sample data from tons of player fights and make the bosses smarter over time is an untapped idea in traditional RPG's. They could really sell a game just around this feature. (Something like Pokemon for example could really benefit from this)

Turn based or real time strategy
Same as above, the cloud would let supercomputers sample data and continually improve the AI routines while managing the local AI scripts.

Multiplayer AI bots
Think Perfect Dark, but much much better. Any latency in online multiplayer already gives the cloud computer's enough time to do really good AI and use the same tricks that synchronize the players. The cloud could run stand ins for players who drop out, or fully computerized bots. Again sampling of match data could lead to automated AI improvements as well. Logic profiles could be stored for specific players even so a stand in would act in some semblance of that player.

RPG dialogue:
Here's a really big one. Stuff like cleverbot, but designed to role play the character they're speaking for. This is probably one of the best applications for cloud computing.

Pre Baked lighting on a player modifiable persistent world's environments
This is the only application I can think of. You can get crazy good image quality when stuff is pre baked. The problem is you have to think of everything the player will do in advance to it. This would be great for any kind of game where the damage or changes to the world persist long enough for the cloud server to send out a new map for the prebaked lighting.

This would be very bandwidth limited though!

3D particle rendering
Doing particles in 3D is really hard, but I think the cloud could do it easily because particles rarely react to anything the player does, so they could be rendered in advance and just have their information sent back to the Xbone.

I'm not happy with the console, and I think the cloud computing idea is totally BS. However in these specific applications I can see it being useful. Any other folks out there that know enough to know anything else you could cloud compute on a console?

User Info: chasingmaynard

4 years ago#2
Advertising current DLC offers from a window in the main menu. Or even when you hit pause.

It could be used for a lot of things, but advertising is probably all it will be used for, lol.
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