Xbox One has no re-sell value... TRUE OR FALSE?

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User Info: lokithefool

4 years ago#21
dutch2099 posted...
Saxon posted...
The Supreme Court is supposed to rule on the subject sometime in the next year or two, which means you can't ever and I mean ever re-sell electronics, games, or anything else you buy without expressed written permission from the manufacturer.

Pawn Shops, EBAY craigslist, etc. are all expected to close if used merchandise becomes illegal to own.

Well, that's it, capitalism is dead. We're all screwed. In the end, my ownership of an object is pretty much defined by my right to trade/sell it at my convenience. Without that, all my games, movies, cd's are just rentals and my property insurance is only protecting some billionaire's possessions. Eventually, losing or having my possessions stolen will result in criminal charges to me. What's next America,

No its not the case he was talking about was decided in freaking APRIL of this year, and it was found in favor of the first sale doctrine.

he U.S. Supreme Court held that the Copyright Act’s first-sale doctrine extends to products made outside the U.S., protecting resellers of copyrighted goods from infringement lawsuits
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