WHY must it have the internet once a day? And is dial up good enough ?

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User Info: reptileegg

4 years ago#1
is dial up or would even a mobile phone signal be good enough just to update the console once a day? even if obviously not fast enough for multiplayer.

User Info: reptileegg

4 years ago#2
bump. Or does it have to be broadband internet to even update the console?
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User Info: aDomination

4 years ago#4
we have no idea yet how thats going to work.
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User Info: Ch3wy

4 years ago#5
You seem to have mistaken this console as something for poor people.

This is the console for the 1%. If you have to ask how much it's going to cost you or what you need to make it work, it's not for you.

User Info: Aceviper

4 years ago#6
needs broadband internet

and it has to check once a day to make sure you are the owner of the game still.
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User Info: reptileegg

4 years ago#7
aDomination posted...
we have no idea yet how thats going to work.


User Info: Foppe

4 years ago#8
It must check the profile to make sure that you have not sold your games and continues to play your sold game.
We don't know if it will check for a minimum speed or not, it would however be enough in theory. We don't know how big the profile data will be, just that it will be bigger the more games you got.
Xbox 360 profiles can be multiple Megs in size because some games hide it's gamesaves inside the profile. 15MB++ may not be so fun with dial up...

On the other hand, if it starts by checking the hash tag, then it may exist a chance that it wont update if it sees that nothing is changed since last time.
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User Info: blazeUP12

4 years ago#9
The console needs to authenticate your permission to play the games installed on your HDD, daily.

For example, if you trade in an old game at GameStop, they will wipe your permission to play that game. Even though the game is still installed on your console, you can't access it anymore after the next daily ping reveals you've traded it in. Or it could be more instant than that.

On your dial-up internet, not sure.
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User Info: w3inerschnitzel

4 years ago#10
It'll be broadband only. Hell,even original Xbox was broadband only. There's no way they'll cater to anyone who doesn't have broadband, even though they know it's not available everywhere still. I can say with near 100% confidence (maybe 99.7%) if you don't have a broadband connection, you will not be able to use Xbox One
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