Xbox One Store is coming - trade in digital games, rentals and more

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User Info: x2link777

4 years ago#21
robcram posted...
Look I don't make the rules, but you can be clear on one thing. Microsoft and many publishers are not happy with people sharing games with each other, and then not buying the game, selling used games to stores and getting nothing in return, and people making illegal back ups of games and distributing them on torrent sites to millions of people.

It's irrelevant what MS and publisher's want. Its bs, and likely illegal, and judging by just how much vitriol there is for the X1, not just here, not just EVERYWHERE on the net, but amongst people out in the ACTUAL world. If the X1 launches as is with all this anti-consumer crap in place, it WILL crash and burn, and the PS4 if it tries it will too. And frankly, exterminating the entire human race is the ONLY way you will EVER eliminate piracy, so bringing up torrents is a moot point.
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User Info: Kevinpiranha

4 years ago#22
Regarding the necessity of semi-constant internet and the the use of "the cloud" in gaming functionality:
if your internet connection is less than great that day will game performance be hindered, background rendering and AI performance hobbled?
I'm sorry but if the performance of a game is is even SLIGHTLY reliant on a rock solid/constant internet connection then that is a design flaw** that severely limits any consoles usability or worth IMO.

And any corporation limiting an open and fair trade market in favor of a monopoly on pricing is never...NEVER a good thing.

So, no. This systems problems are multi-fold, not just DRM and anti-consumer related.
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