Real Concerns About Xbox One

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User Info: ArchBladeZERO

4 years ago#11
drfirepants posted...
I don't understand why people are against companies finding new ways to innovate on their previous designs though. Adding features does not detract from features that were already in place. You don't have to use the new features, but they are there for you and there are many people who will use them. They are taking advantage of technology that is in place and growing (internet) and have plans to use that in ways that have not been used before. You have no idea how these features can be implemented in the future or what other possible ideas it might lead to. Sure the PS4 will play games, will most likely play them very well, but in the end it is just a PS3 with upgraded specs for the most part. The Xbox One will still play games as well, and will most likely play them very well also, but it at least has some room to grow as a console down the road and possibly give people an opportunity to interact with their games, and other media, like they haven't before.

I dont have an issue with innovation. Innovation of the consoles is actually necessary, they need to grow and expand to survive. My problem is that this seems to be done at the cost of alienating their core customer base.

Xbox one does have alot of new and interesting things to add to their system. And if they had done this without changing the other features, that would have been amazing. But it seems that they are doing one of two things:

1. They spent so much time innovating and adding these things that they didnt do proper research and development to realize that the changes they made to used games, online and such were horrible ideas.

2. Or they are of the opinion that with adding these new features, that people arent going to care about the lesser gaming experience and that its okay to alienate your core customer base if you are attempting to expand into a bigger group of customers.

Both ideas are unacceptable for a company who has done this for as long as Microsoft, the whole idea to sell a video game system is to sell to people who play video games. They should have started with a core awesome gaming system that would have actually sold and made consumers happy, THEN add the cool new interesting stuff.
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