A year from now all these complaints will be long forgotten.

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User Info: Kanokare

4 years ago#21
50,000(,000) people you used to live here...
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User Info: wolfwing

4 years ago#22
Also voicing your complaints is the way to prevent bigger disasters, those that arn't happy about this want to avoid having no choice down the road with more nonsense like this, we keep giving up tihngs because people are willing to accept bad practices. Look at all the complete nonsense with DLC, I love DLC but people kept accepting, being nickle and dimed now look at games. Day one DLC with a dozen features, like extra costumes, buy in game currency to get a jump in game, stuff that is useless or should have been in the game.
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User Info: bearinbluehouse

4 years ago#23
From: wolfwing | #014
How are those things unproven many of those were from their own conference.

No, they weren't. If anything, the problems stem more from the complete lack of any concrete details at the conference. Which brings me neatly to...

From: Foxx3k | #015
Well, the problem, is that Microsoft has said, and "unsaid", everything that you described as "unproven."

Yes, I completely agree - many of these could simply go either way. It's infuriating, and complete crap on MS's part, but ultimately we're still waiting to find the final, official state of things.

From: AStrawhatPirate | #016
bearinbluehouse posted...
So this is a pretty premature and pointless topic, really.

Is it? These complaints are fueling everyone into saying that XBO will flop and won't give anything of quality to gaming. So what happens if XBO is a much huger success than the 360? What happens if it comes out with some of the best games of the next gen? That is the reason I made this topic, to see that if the opinion of the many actually matter and if the opinion is actually their true feelings over an over reaction. If you cannot see the point in information gathering then that's fine. But it has a point for me.

Fair enough. It's just that your initial post read as a list of facts, which it isn't. Some of these 'points' might not even actually be 'points' with the next few weeks, let alone years.

But it's cool, your initial list does appear to reflect popular opinion - whether it ends up being accurate or not - so do please carry on :)

From: wombatkidd | #017
"I didn't think of it that way, thanks for pointing that out."

I'm seeing this response quite a bit now (from you and at least one other). I'm afraid the reference is lost on me, so I'm not sure what point you are trying to make?
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User Info: AStrawhatPirate

4 years ago#24
I believe that people do tend to overreact on certain things. I also feel that several gamers would look at the reveal conference, then come online to see how they should feel about it without actually coming to their own conclusion.

The reveal was boring, I did not like it nor was I impressed. That was my initial feeling, later on I started to feel feel anger after reading up on all the stuff that others were mad about. A day later I calmed down and remember that those problems might not even be true nor do they even effect me altogether.

I will not ignore those problems however. I do not like that gaming companies push these horrible practices out and not only expect us to just swallow it, but happily do so. No thanks. Capcom went from being my #1 most loved company in the world to one of the worst. Nintendo will always have a place in my heart but they changed and left no place for me. I am afraid of the direction Microsoft seems to be going but as my younger brother constantly reminds me, this was just a console reveal to show what the console can do. If I want game then I will get games at E3, don't worry. Hopefully he is right and I won't be so worried anymore.
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User Info: Lock0nStrat0s

4 years ago#25
What's selling more in the future TC? PS4 or Xone?
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User Info: Decepticon89

4 years ago#26
Magoo111 posted...
You're right. Everyone will be enjoying their PS4, Wii U, or PC.

I imagine Xbox One outrage will die down once we sadly realize Microsoft won't actually listen to us, even if they're destroying their business by not listening to us.

Even if you hate the X1, it's not going to change the fact that the Wii U still sucks.
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User Info: Bikes-

4 years ago#27
Foxx3k posted...
I would love it if somebody would compile a list of all the complainers and then check it in two years and find out how many of them bought an Xbox One regardless.

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