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User Info: gymnast_79

4 years ago#1
I've been a gamer for as long as I can remember, my first console was the Atari 2600 and video games have been a big part of my hobbies and life.
I'm now old enough to have a good job that allows me the possibility of buying all consoles this and the previous generation, so ive been lucky enough to never have to miss an exclusive game that i wanted to check out. For this reason I have a hard time identifying with just one console, they all have prons and cons. But I do get brand loyalty and even fanboyism because when I was younger all I could get was a Nintendo and I was a hardcore Nintendo fanboy till the N64.

The reason I'm proud of this board is because of the level of discontent with the new Xbox one that is coming even from Xbox fans. Because one company screwing up and adding more bs practices to an already controversial industry, not only screws Xbox fans but in fact all gamers. The gaming industry benefits from healthy competition between the big companies, and competition leads to more choice and innovation. The Gaming industry benefits from having hardcore gamers rather than hardcore fanboys that will buy just about anything their favourite company puts out in the market regardless of the lack of focus on games and gamers and evident unethical business practices.

I'm sad that this gen I will not be getting the Xbox just like many others on this board, because as a gamer I cannot support policies that directly screws gamers. If on the E3 Sony announces similar practices with their new PS4, I'll be skipping it too. And I would have also done it with the wii u. I rather skip this whole generation and go to pc gaming if that helps get the message across corporations that we're not gonna mindlessly bend over and take it.

Our dollars are the biggest messengers we have to communicate with the big corporations, in fact, money is the only language they understand. By skipping the new Xbox one we are sending a very powerful message to MS, so that they either focus back on gamers and consumers first or disappear from the console war arena altogether.

Hardcore gamers FTW, Hardcore fanboyism FTL.

User Info: Tmk

4 years ago#2
I agree and was pretty pleased with the almost unanimous dislike of what the Xbox One is shaping up to do. However, recently, a lot more either fanboys, trolls, or shills have swarmed this board. There's a lot more blind rabid microsoft support and trolling people with legitimate problems with the console's "features"

So I think this board may be falling apart. Especially since I'm not seeing trolling topics/posts get modded, but I HAVE seen topics/posts critical of the console, industry and such get modded. I think the tide is turning to where this board will be mostly overrun with people who either don't care about their fellow gamer, or are just here to antagonise people who have already been antagonised a lot by Microsoft.

Also this topic will probably get modded, too. Seems to be the course things are taking...
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User Info: TightNinja

4 years ago#3
^well said

I too will be skipping out this next gen if Microsoft actually implements the anti consumer features
GOD PWNS ALL!!!!!!!!
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User Info: uthoria205

4 years ago#4
Well said TC

User Info: dotsnacker

4 years ago#5
I'm a fanboy...



...of games. ^..^

Lol, I agree completely. It's nice to see Xbox fans who are willing to put their foot down on this. As a person who enjoys all kinds of games, I really don't want to see this crap on other systems, which COULD happen if for some reason they all agree that it's the best way to make money. The only way we can prove them wrong is by simply not buying it at all. I don't want to see it on the Xbox either. It just needs to stop, now. While MS still has the chance to stop it.
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User Info: bessy67

4 years ago#6
I'm sorry, but I think this board is horrible. There are a lot of people in here hate the xbox, and that's fine, but too many of them refuse to listen to reasoning contrary to their hate. Take this thread for example:

I thought it was going pretty good, points being made on both sides of the argument, and then at the end a couple of users come in and just seem to say to hell with reasoning, this is how it works because I say that's how it works. I get called a shill in just about every topic I post in, and I'll be the first to admit that I only own a 360 from this generation and am definitely leaning towards Xbox One for the next, but it's not like I'm posting lies. I provide sources for everything I post, but if what I post is contrary to the beliefs that allow people to hate on the Xbox One I'm a troll. So yeah, this board has some cool people on it but it is being ruined by people who blindly hate and won't listen to anything contrary to their hate.
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User Info: RichterB17

4 years ago#7
Word up TC Word... Up....
"They sowed their fate when they took this job.... I'm just the reaper" - Raiden

User Info: dearestnight

4 years ago#8
I'm all for being reasonable, but the XBone defenders need to realize something. We have been fed NOTHING but lines of s*** by every Micro employee to come forward for a long time, all since "deal with it".

Is the hate irrational sometimes? Yes. Is it unjustified? Hell no. Even if the XBone does a complete 180, the way in which the whole situation has been handled by the company has been garbage. I wouldn't buy a product from people that work that way, even if it got rid of the features I disliked. That's just me though.

Point is, you can only treat your consumer base like idiots for so long before they get pissed, people will calm down eventually.

User Info: teehee23

4 years ago#9
gymnast_79 posted...
.... Our dollars are the biggest messengers we have to communicate with the big corporations, in fact, money is the only language they understand. By skipping the new Xbox one we are sending a very powerful message to MS, so that they either focus back on gamers and consumers first or disappear from the console war arena altogether. ......

We're pleased and proud of the direction that Microsoft is taking with Xbox One and the ONLY negative is lack of XBLA bc.

Veronica is not a gamer but she appeased me playing co-op all the way through RE6.
It was a great shared experience but besides Pac Man Championship DX and Wheel of Fortune on Xbox360 console gaming is not something she (and women in general) are into.

Xbox One changes that.
It's more than just the best games.
Xbox One is the best of everything.
It brings all entertainment into One perfect package for gamers and couples to interact.
Xbox One is a vision of the future.
It's wonderful and a dream come true, unless you're a solo gamer.
"Xbox One... One Console To Rule Them All. Amen.
I want Xbox One because I don't want to be a peasant.

User Info: blazeUP12

4 years ago#10
bessy67 posted...
I'm sorry, but I think this board is horrible.


In all honesty, aren't you tired of what you're trying to do here? You along with the other shills on the board aren't convincing anyone about anything.

Take this criticism to your superiors: calling people crybabies, peasants, tinfoil hat wearers, etc. is doing nothing other than making you people sound bat**** insane. I don't know what else to say other than you're hurting your own agenda just by being so annoying. If you're gonna be a shill at least try and do a good job, damn.
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